Wedding Photography

Candid, dramatic, different.


Lighting masters!

Will is particularly adept at using lighting to great effect. As a result, his photos are striking and, more importantly, unique, and the subjects look great. Not only do the photos capture us at our best, but they double as works of art.

R+T Vancouver, BC | 2013

Our Approach To Wedding Photography

You will receive a mixture of dramatic portraits, emotional moments, wedding details and fun photos. Our goal is to tell the story of your day in the best light. .

Light in any situation

We bring our own light, which means any lighting condition or location is a breeze for us to work in so we can focus on capturing those real moments.

Non intrusive

We love hiding in the shadows (like ninjas) to capture all of those real moments. We love letting events unfold naturally. We always have two photographers so you never have to worry about us missing a moment.

Directed portraits

We know when to step in and direct you to get those amazing portraits. We will never leave you standing there feeling awkward, as we will guide you though all the appropriate times.