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Wedge Mountain Lodge & Spa Wedding Photos

Weddings at Wedge Mountain Lodge & Spa

Nestled near the renowned Whistler resort in British Columbia, Wedge Mountain Lodge & Spa offers a picturesque and luxurious setting for couples seeking a dream wedding. The lodge, set to open in fall 2023, provides an exclusive and extraordinary experience, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Coastal Mountains. With a team boasting extensive expertise in event planning, the lodge is the perfect venue for couples looking to create magical moments while minimizing any stress that may arise.

The Whistler wedding Venue

The lodge is designed to accommodate various events, with a spacious layout capable of accommodating gatherings of up to 20 guests and 50 for receptions. It offers additional recreational and entertainment spaces, including a conference room, a state-of-the-art movie theatre, a wine cellar, a poker and billiards room, a bar, and a dedicated children’s area, making it an ideal location for a wide range of events, from corporate retreats to intimate gatherings.
Services and Facilities

The lodge’s extensive menu of services and facilities ensures a unique and exclusive experience for wedding guests. The lodge features a 3,000-square-foot private spa inspired by Nordic spa and wellness traditions, providing a haven for relaxation and unwinding. The owners are also open to hosting weddings and larger groups, with 50 people or more for private receptions, further highlighting the lodge’s suitability for special occasions and events.

Photography at Wedge Mountain Lodge & Spa

About Pursell Photography
For couples seeking the perfect photographers to capture their special day at Wedge Mountain Lodge & Spa, Pursell Photography offers over 15 years of experience in documenting love stories and capturing over 400 wedding celebrations. Their off-camera lighting skills and complementary style result in a storytelling masterpiece, ensuring that your special day is beautifully captured.

Photography Services

Pursell Photography specializes in photojournalistic creative photos, covering engagements, families, and elopement experiences. Their unique perspectives and passion for photography make them the ideal choice for couples looking to capture their wedding day in a truly amazing way. With a focus on creating gallery-quality art for your walls and preserving memories in luxurious photo albums, Pursell Photography is dedicated to ensuring that your wedding day is beautifully documented.

Wedge Mountain Lodge & Spa, with its stunning natural surroundings and extensive facilities, is set to offer a truly unforgettable experience for couples seeking a dream wedding. Paired with the expertise of Pursell Photography, couples can rest assured that their special day will be captured in the most amazing way.


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