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Teahouse Wedding Photos

Weddings are magical, and the Stanley Park Teahouse in Vancouver is a dream location for capturing these moments. As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen the beauty of this place and want to share the enchantment of Stanley Park Teahouse wedding photos.

The Stanley Park Teahouse is a renowned wedding venue located at Ferguson Point in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Known for its spectacular views, often referred to as the ‘Best Sunset in the City’, it offers an idyllic setting for weddings with its picturesque water views and serene natural surroundings. The Teahouse is celebrated for its delicious West Coast cuisine, featuring fresh, local ingredients, adding a unique culinary experience to the events held there​.

Venue Types and Capacity

The Teahouse is a restaurant-style venue that exudes contemporary luxury, perfectly blending with the natural seaside and Seaview environment. It’s well-suited for various types of wedding events, including ceremonies, cocktail receptions, and dining. The venue can accommodate different event styles and sizes with a dining capacity ranging from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 175 guests. Similarly, cocktail-style events, it can also accommodate between 50 to 175 guests​​​.

Facilities and Services

The Teahouse offers several unique spaces for hosting wedding events:

  • The Tea Room: Ideal for semi-private events, with notable architecture, a fireplace, and spectacular views, accommodating up to 40 seated guests.
  • The Drawing Room: Features hardwood floors, a fireplace, and bay windows showcasing incredible mountain and sea views, suitable for 65 guests in a cocktail style or 50 seated.
  • The Entire Restaurant: Available occasionally, this option allows hosting 160 guests seated and 200 guests standing.
  • The Conservatory and the Tea Room: Combined, these spaces can host 120 seated guests or 150 for standing gatherings​.

The Teahouse also provides comprehensive services and facilities to ensure a seamless and memorable event. These include a full bar/lounge, on-site catering services, an outdoor function area, a fully equipped kitchen, handicap accessibility, and wireless internet. The venue’s catering options are diverse, offering a buffet, cocktail reception, dessert, hors d’oeuvres, plated meals, and server services. Bar services, provide bartenders and a cash bar option​​​.


For weddings, the minimum price per head at the Teahouse ranges from $60 to $70, while the maximum price can go beyond $250 per person. This pricing flexibility allows for a wide range of budget options, accommodating different wedding sizes and styles​​.

Overall Experience

The Stanley Park Teahouse stands out as an ideal wedding venue, offering a blend of natural beauty, elegant interiors, and exceptional services. Its location within Stanley Park adds a tranquil and romantic atmosphere, making it a sought-after location for couples looking to celebrate their special day in a stunning, natural setting. With its flexible spaces and capacity, along with top-notch services, the Teahouse promises a wedding experience that is both luxurious and intimately connected to the natural beauty of Vancouver

Why the Stanley Park Teahouse is Special for Photos

The Teahouse is surrounded by nature and looks out over the ocean, offering stunning backdrops for wedding photos. The natural beauty and peaceful setting make it a top choice for photographers.

Your Love Story in Nature

Your unique love story deserves a beautiful setting. The Teahouse and Stanley Park offer perfect scenes for capturing your special moments, from laughing together to walking by the ocean.

Photos at Sunset: A Dreamy Setting

The sunset at the Teahouse is breathtaking. The soft, golden light creates romantic and dreamy wedding photos that you’ll cherish forever.

Memories Amongst the Trees

Imagine walking with your loved one among the tall trees in Stanley Park. These moments, full of smiles and shared looks, turn into unforgettable photos. (https://www.vancouverdine.com/teahouse/)

Inside the Teahouse: Classic and Cozy

The Teahouse isn’t just pretty outside; inside, it’s elegant and welcoming. This makes for stunning indoor wedding photos full of charm and warmth.

Capturing the Emotional Moments

The intimate setting of the Teahouse is perfect for capturing the emotional parts of your wedding, like your first dance or the exchange of vows.

The Joy of Candid Photos

The best wedding photos often are the unplanned ones. I love capturing these spontaneous moments at the Teahouse, like laughter during speeches or tears of joy.

Weather Adds to the Beauty

No matter the weather, it adds a unique touch to your wedding photos at the Teahouse. Sunny or cloudy, each type of day brings its own special look to the pictures.

FAQs About Wedding Photography at the Teahouse

  1. What’s unique about weddings at Stanley Park Teahouse? The Stanley Park Teahouse offers a unique blend of natural beauty and elegant charm. Its location in the heart of Stanley Park means you’re surrounded by lush greenery and ocean views, creating a picturesque and serene backdrop for wedding photos. The Teahouse itself exudes a classic, cozy vibe, making it ideal for both intimate and grand celebrations.
  2. How does Stanley Park’s nature add to wedding photos? The natural setting of Stanley Park adds a magical and peaceful element to wedding photos. The park’s diverse landscapes, from the towering trees to the oceanfront views, provide a variety of stunning backdrops. This natural scenery adds a layer of romantic and timeless beauty to your wedding photos, capturing the essence of your special day amidst Vancouver’s natural beauty.
  3. Can the Teahouse be used for both indoor and outdoor photos? Yes, the Stanley Park Teahouse is perfect for both indoor and outdoor wedding photography. Outdoors, you have the breathtaking views of Stanley Park and its natural surroundings. Indoors, the Teahouse offers a sophisticated and warm setting with its elegant décor, perfect for capturing those intimate moments of your celebration.
  4. Tips for couples for great Teahouse photos? To get the best photos at the Stanley Park Teahouse, consider timing your photo session to coincide with the golden hour for soft, natural lighting. Be yourselves and enjoy the moment; natural emotions make for the best photos. Also, discuss with your photographer about utilizing both the indoor and outdoor settings of the Teahouse to capture a variety of shots.
  5. How do you capture unplanned moments at weddings? As a photographer, I always stay alert and ready to capture those spontaneous, candid moments that often become the most cherished memories. This involves observing the couple and their guests, being in the right place at the right time, and understanding the flow of the wedding to anticipate those unplanned, genuine expressions of joy, laughter, and emotion.


A wedding at Stanley Park Teahouse is an unforgettable journey of love, nature, and memories. As a photographer, my passion is to capture the magic of this venue and the emotions of your big day. Your wedding photos from the Teahouse will not just be pictures; they will be a celebration of your love story and the start of your life together. See more wedding venues in Vancouver. 


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