Rosewood Hotel Georgia Wedding Photos

Hotel Georgia wedding venue

The Spanish Ballroom at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia is an exquisite venue to host a wedding. Guests will enjoy high ceilings with plenty of natural light and marble floors that give it some added elegance. The balcony overlooking this space adds just enough drama for guests who don’t want anything extra from their experience or those looking for something different altogether in terms of how they choose to tie the knot on one day where tradition reigns supreme!

The old-school charm only gets better when you see all its amenities, like fresh flowers everywhere, elegant chandeliers hanging above every table- even ones outside under covered area perfect if there’s any chance rain could interrupt your outdoor ceremony (or reception)!

The Hotel Georgia was built back in 1909 by two brothers who wanted it to serve both visitors from around the world – but also locals looking for travel accommodations downtown at reasonable prices. Today this historic building continues its tradition of hospitality; today you’ll find contemporary rooms designed for comfort amid classic architecture overlooking Yaletown’s bustling streetscape.



Part of the gang

Will and Lauren were responsive and professional by email. They were very unobtrusive during the ceremony and reception. They felt like part of the gang during the wedding party photos and portraits. They are very casual in style and were very receptive to feedback or ideas.

R+T Mountain View, CA | 2015