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Italian Cultural Centre Wedding Photos

The Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a dream wedding destination that combines elegance, tradition, and the essence of Italian culture. Offering a range of packages and exquisite amenities, the Centre caters to every couple’s unique preferences and budgets. This article showcases the exquisite charm of the Italian Cultural Centre and explores its versatile offerings for wedding celebrations.

A Wedding Venue with Italian Flair:

Located in the heart of Vancouver, the Italian Cultural Centre is a popular wedding venue that boasts a distinct Italian atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a touch of European sophistication on their special day. With various packages ranging from $1100 to $4000 per wedding, the Centre accommodates a wide range of budgets, ensuring a memorable experience for every couple.

Multiple Venues for Every Taste:

The Italian Cultural Centre offers a selection of venue spaces, each with its own distinct character and capacity. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations with up to 700 guests, couples can choose from several beautiful settings, including the Grand Ballroom, Auditorium, and Trattoria.

Exquisite Italian Cuisine:

No Italian wedding would be complete without a mouthwatering menu of authentic Italian dishes. The Italian Cultural Centre takes pride in offering delicious, high-quality cuisine crafted by skilled chefs. Wedding packages include customizable menus, allowing couples to personalize their dining experience and cater to their guests’ preferences.

Affordable Luxury:

The Italian Cultural Centre recognizes the importance of providing affordable options for couples planning their big day. Wedding prices start from as low as $50 per person, ensuring that couples can enjoy the luxury and sophistication of the venue without breaking the bank.

A Highly Recommended Venue:

With its charming ambiance, versatile offerings, and exceptional service, the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver has garnered numerous glowing reviews and recommendations from past clients. Couples can feel confident in choosing this venue for their wedding, knowing that they will be treated to an unforgettable experience steeped in Italian tradition.


The Italian Cultural Centre Vancouver is a picture-perfect wedding venue that offers elegance, versatility, and a touch of Italian culture. With its range of packages, multiple venue spaces, delectable cuisine, and affordable pricing, the Centre promises a memorable wedding experience for every couple. For a truly unique celebration infused with Italian charm, look no further than the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver.

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Address: 3075 Slocan St, Vancouver, BC V5M 3E4
Phone: (604) 430-3337


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