Diamond Alumni Centre Wedding Photos

SFU Diamond Alumni Centre Wedding

One of my personal favourites. SFU Diamond Alumni Centre has a super west coast rustic vibe to it. The floor to ceiling windows spans the entire venue overlooking breathtaking views of the Indian Arm. We absolutely love the landscape of Burnaby mountain. You are steps away from the rainforest and the ocean at this hidden gem. Another great thing is you can have your ceremony below the reception in the same venue, so you never need to do a teardown of tables. Apparently the price is the best thing about this venue especially if you are SFU alumni!


What are the best reasons to have your wedding at SFU Diamond Alumni Centre?

  1. Great rustic venue close to the city!
  2. Both the wedding ceremony and reception can be held at the venue.
  3. Amazing views.
  4. You are on Burnaby’s only mountain.
  5. The food!

What are some good places to have my wedding portraits at?

Our personal favourite is the Barnet Marine Park. Burnaby mountain park is also an amazing location for great views. Just outside Dimond Alumni Centre has some super unique locations especially when it is raining! We can recommend the best locations based on your timeline!

What’s the address and contact info?

Address: Address: University Dr E, Burnaby, BC V3H 1J2
Website: http://www.dineoncampus.ca/SFU



As with any wedding, bad weather is the ghost that haunts every bride-to-be in their sleep. About a week before the wedding I saw that it was supposed rain! Will’s natural talent for putting together a great shot in any condition was certainly noticed! It poured rain for half the day, and was cloudy and dark for the other part. Once we received our wedding pictures we were ecstatic! They made friends of ours wish it had rained on their wedding day. (Of course they would have needed Will as their photographer)

R+E White Rock, BC | 2011