Celebration Pavilion Wedding Photos

Celebration Pavilion wedding photos

A wedding in the Celebration Pavilion at Queen Elizabeth Park is guaranteed to be one of the most picturesque today. The gorgeous manicured gardens in Queen E are framed by natural light on sunny days, which make for a truly romantic backdrop. The sleek white building may date back to 1915, but with exquisite interior woodworking and gorgeous ceiling frescoes by British artist J L Cauvin still intact after 90 years that you can admire up-close during your reception—you’ll find it much easier than ever these days to create an event that will have guests wishing they could do all over again.

Wedding ceremonies at Celebration Pavilion

Set against a beautifully landscaped and forested backdrop, The Celebration Pavilion provides stunning visuals for your wedding ceremony. With the changing seasons, this beautiful building will emote many different moods according to what theme you are looking for. Photos can be taken on-site with extremely flexible packages available to offer everything from simple photos of just the couple to larger group pictures if the need is there.

Location: 4600 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 2M9
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Enjoy our wedding day without worrying

The beautiful photos aside, this was what I was thankful for the most: that we could actually enjoy our wedding day without worrying.

A+K Kelowna, BC | 2019