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Chinese weddings near Vancouver

We end up doing quite a few Chinese weddings near Vancouver every year and we love them. Tea ceremonies are filled with lots of emotion. Super fun door games in the morning and games during the reception make for a photographer’s dream. Multiple dress changes make for lots of variety.

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Do you know the Chinese wedding traditions?

Yes absolutely! We have photographed 50+ Chinese weddings in our career! With all of our experience, we will have no problem anticipating the next event to unfold!

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Traditional Chinese Wedding Traditions

In a traditional Chinese wedding proposal, the groom’s family will present food and cakes as gifts to announce the engagement.

In some cultures, the bride’s family is expected to provide a dowry list to the groom’s family. The groom’s family is also expected to do a “setting bridal bed” ritual before the big day.

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The Chinese Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremonies are an important custom in Chinese culture that is practiced widely. Families introduce themselves to each other at the Tea Ceremony and they drink Tsao Chün together. After the Tsao Chün tea has been finished, the couple would receive lai see, a lucky red envelope that often contains money as well as gifts. A delicious meal is served at the end of a wedding ceremony.

The groom’s job is to decorate the car with ribbons and flowers before the bride’s arrival at the wedding. The car is decorated in red, yellow, and orange to symbolize good fortune. He then picks up his bride and they head to the reception together. During Chinese ceremonies, the couple will exchange rings, share a drink of Tsao Chün tea while crossing arms.

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Their wedding will be celebrated with a dragon and phoenix candle as a part of the ceremony. They’ll drink wine from two cups, which is traditionally linked together with a red ribbon.

In order to celebrate the future children, they hope to have, the bride and groom light a candle. Then, she eats some dumplings (a symbol of her devotion to her family).

It’s undeniable that modern Chinese weddings are becoming a trend. However, it’s not uncommon to see that some elements of tradition still exist. For example:

Chinese style wedding invitations

Traditional Chinese wedding invitations are typically red in colour and come sealed inside a red envelope. Depending on the design, it will sometimes also feature gold writing used as vertical instructions that read from right to left with the groom’s details first followed by the bride’s information.

To follow tradition, the formal wedding invitation should include the following: Chinese calendar dates for the wedding banquet, order of birth and names of the bride and groom, names of both sets of parents (if applicable), name and location for the event as well as time for cocktail reception if applicable.”

The double happiness symbols are, in most cases, found somewhere on invitations.

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Traditional Red Chinese Wedding Dress

Many Chinese women wear red dresses on their wedding day. They’re called qipaos.

Red is a symbol of happiness and good fortune in Chinese culture. Today, a lot of modern weddings follow the white dress trend. The bride may wear a white gown for the ceremony and change into a third ball gown at night. Many modern weddings also include a dress to say goodbye at the end of the festivities.

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Chinese Wedding Banquets and Parties

Weddings are usually a lavish and expensive affair for the guests who have to give gifts. Most people sign their name in a book or scroll that’s given at the reception. Once the dinner starts, the bride then changes into a Chinese wedding dress.

Older Chinese beliefs also involve two ceremonies for the wedding. These typically had foods symbolizing what was being wished for, like fish representing abundance or lotus seeds meaning fertility.

The dinner usually consists of six courses, and the bride and groom will change outfits between the third and sixth.

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After the Wedding

Some newlyweds prepare breakfast for their in-laws the morning after their big day. They will receive a small gift from older relatives as she is formally introduced to the groom’s family and they will proceed to give her a formal title within their household, such as given name-in-law or sister.

Popular Chinese Banquet Halls around Vancouver for Weddings

What are your favourite Traditions to photograph?

  1. Tea ceremony| We love the emotions that this intimate event will hold. We are always ready to capture grandma wipe a tear away.
  2. Dress changes| The ever-changing wedding dress changes during a Chinese wedding are amazing to get variety.
  3. Door games| Nothing is better than terrorizing the groom before he sees his bride for the first time! We always get some funny photos during these events. Two photographers are essential for this type of event.

Chinese door games ideas

How do you work during my event?

We work in a candid nature letting your events unfold naturally. We will guide you through the portrait photos so you are not sure what to do! Will and Lauren work as a team to capture the story from two amazing angles so you never miss a moment! Get in touch with us today about your Chinese wedding in or near Vancouver!

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All of the photos were so incredibly gorgeous with each image telling its own story of the day!! The way they play with the lighting in a photo is masterful! They are truly an amazing talent and we are so thankful that we found them!!

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