Chinese Wedding Photos

Chinese weddings near Vancouver

We end up doing quite a few Chinese weddings near Vancouver every year and we love them. Tea ceremonies filled with lots of emotion. Super fun door games in the morning and games during the reception make for a photographer’s dream. Multiple dress changes make for lots of variety.

Do you know the Chinese wedding traditions?

Yes absolutely! We have photographed 50+ Chinese weddings in our career! With all of our experience, we will have no problem anticipating the next even to unfold!

What your favourite Traditions to photograph?

  1. Tea ceremony| We love the emotions that this intimate event will hold. We are always ready to capture grandma wipe a tear away.
  2. Dress changes| The ever-changing wedding dress changes during a Chinese wedding are amazing to get variety.
  3. Door games| Nothing is better then terrorizing the groom before he sees his bride for the first time! We always get some funny photos during these events. Two photographers are essential for this type of event.

How do you work during my event?

We work in a candid nature letting your events unfold naturally. We will guide you through the portrait photos so you are not sure what to do! Will and Lauren work as a team to capture the story from two amazing angles so you never miss a moment! Get in touch with us today about your Chinese wedding in or near Vancouver!


Nothing less than epic

The photos and the experience were everything I had hoped for. If you want photos that are nothing less than epic on the most important day of your life, I strongly recommend choosing Will Pursell.

C+D Vancouver, BC | 2016