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039 Brix and Mortar small wedding reception detail

Introduction to Micro Weddings

Micro weddings, characterized by their intimate scale and personalized approach, have become increasingly popular in Vancouver BC. They offer a unique way to celebrate love with a smaller guest list, allowing for more meaningful interactions and a focus on the couple.

A micro wedding is a smaller-scale celebration that typically has a guest count of 20 or less, and has a shorter and much more simplistic timeline. It is an intimate affair and still features time-honoured wedding traditions but on a much smaller scale. It provides an opportunity to connect and interact with the guests and can be just as extravagant as big weddings, despite the smaller guest count. The focus is on spending the majority of the budget on smaller details and spending quality time with every loved one at the event. It is different from an elopement, as it is not just attended by the couple and a witness, and it is not as large and traditional as a regular wedding.

004 - Hycroft micro wedding green room ceremony

Why Choose a Micro Wedding in Vancouver BC

Vancouver’s picturesque landscapes and diverse venues make it an ideal location for a micro wedding. The intimacy of a smaller wedding brings a personal touch, while being more cost-effective than a traditional large wedding.

Couples may choose a micro wedding in Vancouver, BC for various reasons, including the desire for an intimate and meaningful celebration, cost-effectiveness, and the flexibility to personalize their special day. Micro wedding venues in Vancouver average $117 per hour to rent, making them a budget-friendly option for couples looking to host a smaller-scale event. Additionally, Vancouver and its surrounding areas offer a range of picturesque venues, such as Whytecliff Park, The Wallace, and Stanley Park Teahouse, providing beautiful backdrops for intimate ceremonies and receptions. Furthermore, the current trend towards alternative nuptials, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, has made micro-weddings a popular choice for couples seeking a more personal wedding experience. The smaller guest count allows for a more relaxed and interactive atmosphere, enabling couples to focus on quality time with their loved ones and create lasting memories. Finally, the availability of unique and undiscovered locations in Vancouver and its surrounding areas can add a special and meaningful touch to a couple’s micro-wedding experience.

002 - intimate vancouver hiking micro wedding

Planning Your Micro Wedding

Organizing a micro wedding requires attention to detail. From selecting the perfect venue to finalizing vendors, we’ll guide you through the process of creating your dream small-scale wedding.

When planning a micro wedding, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. Here are some tips from various sources:

  1. Choose Your Guest List: For a micro wedding, the guest list is a crucial first step. It typically includes no more than 30 people, allowing for a more intimate and meaningful experience.
  2. Select Your Venue: The venue should align with the intimate nature of a micro wedding. Consider creative and unique locations that cater to a smaller guest count, such as private estates, cozy restaurants, or picturesque outdoor settings.
  3. Hire Essential Vendors: Prioritize the vendors that are most important to you, such as photographers, officiants, and entertainment. Focus on elements that will enhance the intimate atmosphere and create lasting memories.
  4. Personalize Your Experience: Embrace the flexibility of a micro wedding to tailor the event to your preferences. Whether it’s through unique entertainment, personalized decor, or a carefully curated menu, the focus is on creating a memorable and personalized experience for you and your guests.
  5. Consider Your Priorities: List your priorities and allocate your budget accordingly. Whether it’s stunning florals, a live band, or gourmet cuisine, identifying your top two or three must-have elements will ensure you allocate your resources effectively.

By following these steps, couples can plan a micro wedding that is not only cost-effective but also deeply meaningful and personalized to their preferences

009 brix and mortar wedding small wedding

Top Venues for Micro Weddings in Vancouver

Vancouver boasts a variety of venues perfect for micro weddings, from breathtaking outdoor settings to intimate indoor spaces. We’ll explore some of the top choices for your special day.

Some top venues for micro weddings in Vancouver, BC include:

  1. Cecil Green Park House: This venue offers a beautiful and intimate setting for a micro wedding.
  2. The Vancouver Club: Known for its elegance, The Vancouver Club provides a beautiful backdrop for a small wedding celebration.
  3. Brix & Mortar Restaurant: This venue is favoured for its heritage brick building, modern Canadian cuisine, and sophisticated vibe, making it ideal for a micro wedding.

057 - small wedding photos

Budgeting for Your Micro Wedding

Understanding the costs involved in planning a micro wedding in Vancouver is crucial. We provide insights on the average expenses and tips on how to allocate your budget effectively.

When budgeting for a micro wedding in Vancouver, BC, costs can vary depending on the couple’s preferences and priorities. Here are some insights from various sources:

001 - outdoor wedding ceremony vancouver

– The cost of a micro wedding for 25 guests can range from $10,000 to $15,000, considering expenses such as venue, rentals, catering, photography, and attire.
– For couples looking to manage expenses and stick to a predetermined budget, hosting a micro wedding can provide more control and flexibility over costs compared to traditional larger weddings.

Ultimately, the cost of a micro wedding in Vancouver, BC can be tailored to fit the couple’s specific needs and financial considerations, allowing for a more intimate and personalized celebration within a reasonable budget.


029 - small wedding venue vancouver

Guest List and Invitations

Creating a guest list for a micro wedding can be challenging. We’ll offer advice on crafting the perfect list and designing invitations that reflect your wedding’s intimate nature.

When creating a guest list for a micro wedding, it’s important to prioritize and communicate effectively. Here are some tips from the search results:

1. Set Boundaries: Communicate that it’s your wedding and that the guest list will be limited. This is a day for you and your partner, so it’s essential to set boundaries and stick to them.

2. Communicate Early: Discuss with your partner and set a goal number for the guest list. Identify the most important people for both of you and why they matter. Early and open communication is key to navigating the guest list process.

008 - garden small wedding

3. Invite VIPs Only: Consider inviting only immediate family members, close friends, and important mentors. It’s okay to not feel pressured to invite acquaintances, distant relatives, or people you barely know.

4. Limit Plus-Ones: Manage your guest list by extending plus-ones only to married, engaged, or live-in couples, as well as your wedding party. This can help control the size of the guest list.

5. Involve Those Not on the List: For individuals who may not be on the guest list, consider involving them in other meaningful ways, such as live streaming the ceremony or sending them a special announcement.

Legal Considerations and Licenses

We’ll guide you through the legalities of getting married in Vancouver, including obtaining a marriage license and understanding post-wedding name change procedures.

For a micro wedding in Vancouver, BC, there are several legal considerations and requirements to keep in mind:

  1. Guest Count and Venue: A micro wedding in Vancouver typically includes up to 20 people, including the couple, the officiant, and two witnesses. When choosing a venue, it’s important to ensure that it can accommodate the specific guest count and that it aligns with the city’s regulations for small wedding ceremonies.
  2. Marriage License: Couples will need to obtain a marriage license for a legal wedding in Vancouver, BC. The license is a mandatory requirement and must be acquired before the wedding date.
  3. Officiant and Witnesses: For the marriage to be legally binding, couples must hire a wedding commissioner, licensed officiant, or a religious representative to perform the ceremony. Additionally, two witnesses are required to sign the marriage license.
  4. Liability Insurance: If the wedding is held on City and Park Board property, including venues like City Hall or parks, liability insurance is needed for the event. This is an important legal requirement to consider when planning a micro wedding in Vancouver.
  5. Permits for Park Weddings: If the micro wedding is to be held in a park that isn’t a designated wedding site or on City property, a special event permit is required. However, permits are not needed for taking wedding photos in parks.

By being mindful of these legal considerations and requirements, couples can ensure that their micro wedding in Vancouver, BC complies with the necessary regulations and is a legally recognized and memorable event.


Micro Wedding Trends in Vancouver

Stay updated with the latest micro-wedding trends in Vancouver. We’ll cover seasonal variations and how to incorporate local culture into your wedding.

The trend of micro weddings in Vancouver, BC is gaining popularity due to the flexibility and intimacy they offer. Here are some key trends and insights from the search results:

  1. Flexibility in Venue Selection: A smaller guest list allows for greater flexibility in choosing a wedding venue. Couples can opt for non-traditional spaces such as gardens, open-air plazas, or contemporary galleries, which are well-suited for intimate gatherings.
  2. Personalized Experiences: Micro weddings provide an opportunity for couples to personalize their special day, from upgrading the meal with elevated wine pairings to splurging on a food and drink menu that reflects their tastes.
  3. Rethinking Traditional Entertainment: With a smaller guest count, couples have the freedom to rethink traditional entertainment. They can opt for low-key activities or forgo entertainment altogether, allowing for a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere.
  4. Embracing Intimate Settings: The trend towards micro weddings has led to a rise in the popularity of intimate wedding venues in Vancouver, including heritage buildings, outdoor locations, and exclusive sites with picturesque views.

Overall, the trend of micro weddings in Vancouver reflects a shift towards more personalized, intimate, and flexible wedding experiences, allowing couples to create memorable celebrations that align with their unique preferences and circumstances.

037 - fairytal elopememnts

popular micro-wedding themes in Vancouver may include:

  1. Intimate and Romantic: Given the nature of micro weddings, an intimate and romantic theme is likely popular, focusing on creating a warm and personal atmosphere for the small group of guests.
  2. Natural and Scenic: Vancouver’s picturesque surroundings and natural beauty may inspire couples to choose a natural and scenic theme, incorporating elements of the city’s stunning outdoor locations into their micro-wedding celebrations.
  3. Elegant and Minimalist: With a smaller guest count, couples may opt for an elegant and minimalist theme, focusing on sophisticated and understated decor to complement the intimate setting.
  4. Culturally Meaningful: Some couples may choose to incorporate cultural traditions or customs into their micro weddings, such as a traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

These themes reflect the flexibility and personalization that micro weddings offer, allowing couples to create a unique and meaningful celebration that aligns with their individual preferences and the intimate nature of the event.


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