Guide you through getting the best shots

They have an ability to work with light that most people would overlook completely and they guide you through getting the best shots without making you feel like you are simply marionettes; they capture the feelings of the moment while still letting you live in it.

A+M Vancouver, BC | 2016

While we don’t brand ourselves as luxury wedding photographers specifically, we tend to attract lots of very high end weddings at some of the most luxurious venues in BC. Hotel wedding venues and private clubs in Downtown Vancouver are world class and something worth checking out.

These locations are generally full service and offer an area for the Ceremony, Reception and take care of catering. They are usually in central locations downtown.

Our favourite Luxury venues to shoot at are Terminal City Club, Hycroft, Vancouver Club, Vancouver Convention Centre, Swan-e-set and Hotel Georgia.

Many of our weddings have been published in magazines and on the top blogs.