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Why You Should Consider Having an Intimate Wedding

There are many reasons why you should consider having an intimate wedding. You can be free from worrying about unnecessary details or overwhelming costs. You can also have a day that is uniquely yours and fits your personality and style perfectly.

What is an Intimate Wedding?

An intimate wedding is a small, low-key celebration that you can share with just those closest to you. An intimate wedding often has no more than 20 guests and takes place in a private venue or ceremony space. This type of wedding provides the perfect opportunity to create a personal event as it will be full of your favourite people and family members who love you most.

How To Find The Perfect Intimate Wedding Venue For Your Big Day

Finding the perfect intimate wedding venue for your big day can be a daunting task. There are so many great options to choose from, but you want to make sure that it suits your needs and is nearby. There are three major factors to consider when choosing an intimate wedding venue for your ceremony: size, location, and price.

The size of the wedding should match the size of the space that you are renting. If you have a small group of people in attendance, then renting out a large ballroom might not be necessary. A smaller more intimate space will allow for more individualized attention during the reception experience. The location should also be considered because this will determine how long guests have to travel to get there on time for your ceremony or cocktail hour! Lastly, the cost of rental spaces should

The Best Part of an Intimate Wedding Venue is the Amazing Photos

Intimate wedding venues are so much more than just a place to have the ceremony. They are the perfect backdrop for photos that will be cherished for years to come.

This is why it’s so important to find a venue with good lighting, beautiful decor, and an atmosphere that exudes romance and intimacy.

The best part of an intimate wedding venue is the glamorous photos.

3 of the Best Small Wedding Venues in Vancouver

Brix and Mortar

The 1912 heritage building in Yaletown is a great place to have your party, with shimmering chandeliers, crawling vines and dark accents.


Hycroft Manor

Hycroft Manor is a luxurious wedding venue with lush gardens. It offers indoor and outdoor spaces for your ceremony and reception, catering services, and an on site bridal suite for your big day.


Teahouse in Stanley Park

Tucked away in the trees of Stanley Park is a beautiful location for those looking to have a small celebration. The venue is just steps from the ocean and has picturesque scenery for your wedding photos.


3 of the Greatest Intimate wedding Venues Around Vancouver

The Lodge on Harrison Lake Wedding Venue

The scenery at The Lodge on Harrison Lake is simply gorgeous. The property has spectacular views of the lake, forested hillsides, and private beaches.


American Creek Lodge

American Creek Lodge is a popular wedding venue in Hope, British Columbia. It’s located on the hillside overlooking the Fraser Canyon. The views are breathtaking with mountains in the distance, trees everywhere you look.


Helicopter weddings

A lot of couples want to get married and enjoy the view from a mountain top, but not many want to go through the hassle of planning and coordinating a wedding. Now, there is a faster and more convenient option: helicopter weddings!

What To Consider When Searching for an Intimate Wedding Venue

While there are many factors to consider when looking for the perfect intimate wedding venue, these are some of the most important aspects that you should keep in mind.

  • How many guests will be attending?

  • What is the optimal capacity for your intimate wedding?

  • What are your personal preferences for an intimate wedding venue?

  • What are their food and drink options, do they have vegan or vegetarian options?

  • Are they able to provide any accommodation for guests who may not want to stay at a hotel?


Enjoy our wedding day without worrying

The beautiful photos aside, this was what I was thankful for the most: that we could actually enjoy our wedding day without worrying.

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