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Family photography is more than just taking pictures; it’s about capturing memories and moments that mean the world to us. At Pursell Photography, a leading photography company based in Vancouver and Lower Mainland British Columbia, we specialize in wedding, elopement, and portrait photography, with family portraits being an integral part of our services.

Who We Are

Pursell Photography is run by a husband-and-wife team with over 15 years of experience in the field. Our passion for photography, combined with our love for family, allows us to understand and capture the essence of your family’s unique dynamics.

Our Style

At Pursell Photography, we have a unique photography style that merges the photojournalistic approach with off-camera lighting skills. This blend allows us to capture your family’s true spirit in any situation, resulting in gallery-quality art that tells your story beautifully.

Why Choose Pursell Photography?

Choosing a family photographer is a decision that should be made carefully. You’re entrusting them to capture your family’s milestones and create images that will last a lifetime. So why choose us?

Experience and Skills

With over 15 years in the industry, we’ve developed a keen eye for capturing the perfect shot. We have vast experience dealing with different family dynamics, various locations, and changing light conditions. This experience and expertise allow us to capture the subtle nuances that often make the most powerful images.

Quality and Artistry

Our team is committed to providing an exceptional experience. We use our off-camera lighting skills to ensure your photos are always stunning, no matter the situation. We also offer custom-designed albums and wall art to showcase your photos in the best way possible.

Professionalism and Personal Touch

At Pursell Photography, we believe that a family photography session should be a joyful experience that brings your family closer together. We treat our clients as part of our family, ensuring you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the session.

Family Photography Locations in Vancouver and Lower Mainland

Vancouver and Lower Mainland provide a variety of stunning locations for family photography. Some of our favorite locations include Stanley Park, with its lush forests and stunning ocean views; Queen Elizabeth Park, offering panoramic views of the city and stunning gardens; and Gastown, known for its unique charm and historical ambiance.


Why is family photography important?

Family photography is important because it captures our relationships, growth, and milestones. It’s a visual record of our love, shared experiences, and connections.

What makes a great family photographer?

A great family photographer is passionate, skilled, and experienced. They understand family dynamics and know how to capture the essence of a family in images.

What should I consider when choosing a family photographer?

Consider the photographer’s quality, style, products, your budget, and testimonials from previous clients.

What are some top family photography locations in Vancouver and Lower Mainland?

Stanley Park, Vancouver:

This iconic location offers a variety of natural backdrops, from beaches and fields to diverse flora and fauna, making it a favorite spot for many family photoshoots.

Golden Ears, Maple Ridge:

Perfect for families who adore nature, Golden Ears boasts stunning mountain vistas and glacier-fed rivers, offering a truly unique backdrop for your family photos.

Pitt Lake, Pitt Meadows:

With its spectacular mountain views, Pitt Lake is a beloved destination among local photographers, offering a scenic backdrop that’s hard to beat.

Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver:

Providing stunning views of the water along with lovely trails winding through the forest, this park offers an ideal setting for capturing beautiful family moments.

Whytecliff Park, West Vancouver:

Renowned for its unique rock formations and striking views of Howe Sound, Whytecliff Park provides an extraordinary backdrop for family photos.

Marine Building, Downtown Vancouver:

For a touch of urban charm, consider a photoshoot at this historic building in downtown Vancouver, offering a unique backdrop with its Art Deco design.

Rainbow Park, Whistler:

Nestled against the backdrop of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, this park is an excellent choice for outdoorsy families.

Coal Harbour, Downtown Vancouver:

Combining the best of city and nature, Coal Harbour offers a mix of striking views of the harbour and the North Shore mountains.

Historic Stewart Farm, White Rock:

Offering a rustic and vintage setting, this historic farm is a charming location for family photos.

Gastown, Vancouver:

With its cobblestone streets and historic charm, Gastown provides an urban setting with a vintage twist.

Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver:

Known for its beautiful forest trails and suspension bridge, Lynn Canyon offers a wide range of natural backdrops for family photos.

Each location has its unique charm and can help to tell a unique story about your family. The choice of location should reflect your family’s personality and interests, whether it’s a cityscape or a natural setting.

See our list of the best family photoshoot locations in Vancouver and the Lower mainland.


Breath catch in your throat

Do a web search for Vancouver wedding photographers and we’d be willing to bet that one of the images that makes your breath catch in your throat was shot by Will and Lauren of Pursell Photography.

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