Alternative Wedding Photos

Alternative wedding photos are perfect for those who don’t want to do a traditional photo shoot and instead wish to capture their love in ways that feel more natural, creative, even playful.

Alternative weddings offer you the chance of capturing your unique relationship through photography from unique angles; these images can be anything from candid moments or quirky details like pet pictures with all generations present at once.

As the old adage goes, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” wedding dress. That’s why couples seeking to buck tradition often opt for more non-traditional attire–what could be better than saying your vows in an outfit that reflects who you are?

As every bride knows, caring about what she wears on her special day means so much more when it comes from within and not just chosen off some rack at another event or department store. This may explain why many brides today prefer something uniquely them like wearing their groom’s favourite team colours (true story!), opting for two gowns instead of one; or even refusing to wear white because they think it represents only purity which doesn’t necessarily describe the couple.


Lighting masters!

Will is particularly adept at using lighting to great effect. As a result, his photos are striking and, more importantly, unique, and the subjects look great. Not only do the photos capture us at our best, but they double as works of art.

R+T Mountain View, CA | 2015
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