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Restaurant Wedding Venues Vancouver

In this blog, we’re going to explore some of Vancouver’s top wedding venues from a wedding photographer’s perspective. I’ll tell you all about their unique features and amenities. You’ll also see some photographs that will help you decide which venue is perfect for you!

The 3 Most Popular Restaurant Wedding Venues in Vancouver are:

1) Brix & Mortar

Brix & Mortar has a number of different rooms to host your next event from weddings to corporate events. With two floors, patios, dining rooms, and more this is the perfect place for you. Take a look at our photos from Brix Restaurant.

2) Bridges Restaurant

The private space is located on the 2nd floor, giving you a level of exclusivity and unobstructed views. The room can be customized to combine your interests to make it perfect for your special occasion. View photos from Bridges.

3) Shaughnessy Restaurant

Combine your dream garden venue and wedding-worthy restaurant with the intriguing ambience of the VanDusen Botanical Gardens. The 55-acre gardens provide a one-of-a-kind setting for an unforgettable experience. The restaurant has a feel-good atmosphere with a lot of natural light, wooden accents and modern touches. Its dining space can accommodate up to 160 people. See more photos from Shaughnessy Restaurant.

What are some benefits to having a restaurant wedding venue?

There are many benefits to having a restaurant wedding venue. They make it possible for you to have a low-key and intimate wedding without having to worry about arranging the details. With a restaurant wedding venue, you can focus on your guests and making sure that everyone has an enjoyable time.

What are the drawbacks of choosing a wedding venue that is a restaurant?

The downside of choosing a wedding venue that is a restaurant is that it can be difficult to personalize the space with decor and other personalized touches.

Do I need to hire a caterer if I choose a restaurant wedding venue?

This is when restaurant venues come in handy. A venue could have catering services in-house, which means you may not need to hire a caterer at all. It’s worth checking with the venue’s staff before booking anything, though!

What is the cost of having a restaurant wedding venue?

Having a restaurant wedding venue is one of the more affordable ways to get married. Such venues often offer rental rates for space, which can be negotiated depending on the season, time of day, and day of week.

Do I need to reserve the restaurant wedding venue ahead of time?

Reserving a wedding venue in advance is a little different from most other arrangements. There are different policies for each venue. Some venues will require a deposit or partial payment in order to secure your date and time slot.

A couple of helpful tips when reserving your wedding venue:

-Set up an appointment with the wedding coordinator to discuss your needs and objectives for the event

-Find out costs associated with renting costs, liquor, cake, linens, etc

-Consider the proximity of the venue to your guests’ location

What are some alternatives to choosing a restaurant as a wedding venue?

Some people who get married and want to spend more time with their guests or have a more intimate, outdoor wedding may choose to go with a private venue. These options usually take longer to plan and the price is often higher than a restaurant.

Another popular alternative is opting for an event space such as an art gallery, theatre, hotel ballroom, or even your own home. You will likely need to find a coordinator, caterer and other key suppliers individually for these venues.

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