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Outdoor wedding venues

Outdoor ceremonies are a great way to say your vows. usually in a park or out front of the reception venue everyone can enjoy fresh air and hopefully sunshine. Receptions are usually tented and offer lots of space for guests to party.

What are the top outdoor wedding venues for the ceremony?

We would have to say the Sea to Sky Gondola (https://www.seatoskygondola.com/)has some of the best views for an outdoor ceremony. The Stanley park Pavilion (https://stanleyparkpavilion.com/) is one of the nicest outdoor wedding venues in the city. As far as intimate garden wedding ceremonies Harrison Hot Springs Resort has one of the nicest areas. For wide open mountain views Fraser river lodge is the winner. If you are looking for a nice park to get married in Stanley Park (https://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/stanley-park.aspx) and Cleveland dam park are great options.

What are the best outdoor wedding venues for a reception?

One of the most west coast looking wedding venues that is completely outdoors is Rockwater secret cove. For a luxury backyard style wedding Rowenas Inn and Brock House are great options. Sea to Sky Gondola comes in as a top contender again because they can have the dance floor on the oversized patio (with no noise restrictions).

What are some challenges for weddings that are outdoors?

Light is always the biggest challenge when working outdoors. We use off camera flash so we have no problem working in any situation. If your wedding is under the stars thats no problem. If its in a tent, Great! We always love photographing your event however it unfolds.


Price quoted was very reasonable

The price quoted was very reasonable compared to all the other photographers we met with who tried to offer us similar/less in their packages.

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