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Golf Course Wedding Venues in Vancouver: A Photographer’s Paradise

Golf course wedding venues in Vancouver offer a unique blend of natural beauty, elegant ambiance, and impeccable service, making them the perfect choice for couples looking for an unforgettable wedding experience. These venues provide a picturesque backdrop of manicured greens and serene landscapes, ensuring that every moment of your special day is as beautiful as it is memorable.

Westwood Plateau: A Majestic Mountain Backdrop As a photographer, capturing the essence of Westwood Plateau is like painting a masterpiece. The venue, nestled in the mountains, offers a scenic landscape that acts as a perfect canvas for wedding photography. With its stunning clubhouse and sweeping views of the mountains, it’s a dream location for any couple looking to tie the knot in Vancouver. https://www.westwoodplateaugolf.com/

Riverway Golf Club: A Blend of Sophistication and Nature Riverway Golf Club stands out with its contemporary design amidst the natural beauty of Burnaby. The clubhouse, characterized by its impressive architecture and large windows, offers a spacious and elegant setting. The lush green fairways and serene water features provide a picturesque backdrop for capturing those unforgettable moments. Riverway golf club

Swaneset: A Touch of Class and Elegance Swaneset’s breathtaking views and classic architecture are a haven for wedding photography. The grand clubhouse, with its high ceilings and elegant decor, exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication. The surrounding mountains and manicured gardens add to the venue’s allure, making it a popular choice for weddings in the Vancouver area. Swaneset

Furry Creek: Where Land Meets Sea Furry Creek is uniquely situated where the mountains meet the sea, offering a blend of landscapes for photography. The golf course, with its undulating terrain and stunning ocean views, provides a diverse array of photo opportunities. The clubhouse, overlooking the Howe Sound, is a picturesque setting for both ceremonies and receptions.

Sandpiper: A Riverside Retreat Sandpiper Golf Course, set along the Harrison River, offers a tranquil and natural setting. The lush greens and river backdrop create a serene and romantic atmosphere, ideal for capturing the essence of a wedding day. Its rustic charm and natural beauty make it a hidden gem for weddings in the Vancouver area.

Morgan Creek: A Modern Oasis Morgan Creek brings a modern twist to the golf course wedding venue. Its contemporary clubhouse, with its elegant interiors and panoramic views of the golf course, provides a stylish setting for weddings. The carefully manicured grounds and water features add to the venue’s modern and sophisticated feel.

Golf Course Wedding Venues: A Touch of Elegance and Natural Beauty

Golf course wedding venues in Vancouver are synonymous with elegance and natural beauty. Imagine exchanging vows against a backdrop of lush, rolling hills and perfectly manicured lawns. These venues offer a serene setting, perfect for an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration.

The Charm of Outdoor Ceremonies at Vancouver’s Golf Courses

Outdoor ceremonies at Vancouver’s golf courses provide a magical setting. Picture a gentle breeze, the soft rustling of leaves, and a sunset casting golden hues over your wedding. These venues offer a natural canvas, allowing you to create a ceremony that reflects your style and personality.

Reception Delights: Celebrating in Style at Golf Course Venues

Receptions at golf course venues are nothing short of spectacular. With spacious banquet halls and outdoor terraces, these venues can accommodate both intimate gatherings and large celebrations. The natural scenery also provides a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos, capturing the essence of your special day.

Catering and Cuisine: A Feast for the Senses

Catering at golf course wedding venues is a feast for the senses. These venues often have in-house catering teams that offer a range of culinary options, from traditional fare to gourmet cuisine. They work closely with you to create a menu that complements your wedding theme and satisfies your taste buds.

  1. Average Cost of a Golf Course Wedding in Vancouver The cost of a golf course wedding in Vancouver varies widely based on several factors such as the specific venue, the number of guests, the time of year, and the type of package chosen. Typically, prices can range from moderately affordable to quite luxurious. On average, couples might expect to spend anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 or more. This estimate can include venue rental, catering, decorations, and other services provided by the venue. However, it’s important to contact specific venues for precise quotes and to understand what is included in their pricing.
  2. Accommodating Dietary Restrictions Most golf course wedding venues are well-equipped to accommodate various dietary restrictions. This includes options for guests with allergies, vegetarian and vegan diets, religious dietary requirements, and other specific food preferences or needs. It’s essential to discuss these requirements with the venue’s catering team in advance to ensure they can tailor the menu accordingly.
  3. Booking a Golf Course Wedding Venue in Advance It’s generally recommended to book a golf course wedding venue in Vancouver at least 12 to 18 months in advance. Popular venues and dates, especially during the peak wedding season (typically summer and early fall), can get booked up quickly. Early booking not only secures your desired date but also gives you ample time for planning and coordination. For weddings during off-peak seasons, you might find more flexibility in booking dates, but early planning is still advisable.
  4. Indoor Options for Bad Weather Many golf course wedding venues in Vancouver offer indoor alternatives to accommodate unpredictable weather. These venues typically have banquet halls or other indoor spaces that can serve as a backup plan for the ceremony or reception. When planning your wedding, it’s a good idea to discuss these contingencies with the venue to ensure a smooth transition should the weather turn unfavourable on your special day. See what to do if it rains at your wedding. 

Each golf course and venue will have its unique offerings and policies, so it’s beneficial to reach out to them directly for the most accurate and detailed information regarding your specific wedding needs.

Conclusion: Golf course wedding venues in Vancouver, such as Westwood Plateau, Riverway Golf Club, Swaneset, Furry Creek, Sandpiper, and Morgan Creek, offer a diverse and picturesque setting for wedding photography. Each venue has its unique charm and beauty, providing endless opportunities for capturing those special moments.


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