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Forest Wedding Photos

Forest wedding photos

One of the most beautiful places to get married is deep in a forest. The trees that surround you have been there for centuries and are always watching over your ceremony, providing an air of serenity as they provide shade on sunny days or let all light shine through during the night sky. They also create wonderful backdrops when it’s time to capture photos with family and friends!

Forest wedding venues around Vancouver

  1. Stanley Park in Downtown Vancouver
  2. UBC Farm in UBC
  3. Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver
  4. Golden Ears Provincial Park in Maple Ridge
  5. Redwood Park in South Surrey
  6. Harrison Hotsprings resort on Harrison Lake

Forest photo shoots

Tree canopy at sunset creates an ethereal atmosphere as brides walk down the aisle while their grooms watch on. Photos taken among fallen leaves will make your friends green with envy because they can’t experience this kind of rustic charm every day or even once in a lifetime like you do here!


Lighting masters!

Will is particularly adept at using lighting to great effect. As a result, his photos are striking and, more importantly, unique, and the subjects look great. Not only do the photos capture us at our best, but they double as works of art.

R+T Mountain View, CA | 2015