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A Guide to Planning an INCREDIBLE Beach Wedding with

Beach weddings are perfect for pictures. We love photographing them and our photographers seem to always find the most amazing spots in Vancouver!

What’s so great about beach weddings?

Weddings are a big day for any couple. They want to make it special and memorable. Beach weddings are a great way to do this because they provide the perfect setting for relaxation and fun.

Beach weddings have many benefits that make them a great choice for couples. They provide the perfect location for relaxation with the sound of waves in the background, beautiful scenery, and plenty of opportunities for photos.

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Things to know about beach weddings before you start planning

Beach weddings are a great way to combine the beauty of the beach with your wedding. Here are some things you should know about beach weddings before you start planning:

– You need to find a beach wedding venue that’s right for your needs

– The dress is an important part of the wedding, so make sure it fits the theme

– It’s not always easy to plan an intimate gathering on the beach, so consider hiring professional services such as event planners and caterers

– You should also think about how much space you will need for your ceremony and reception.

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Decorating Your Wedding Reception Location With Beachy Elegance

This section is all about beach-themed wedding decorations. It will cover everything from the invitations to the centerpieces and favors.

The first step in decorating your wedding reception location with beachy elegance is picking a theme. From there, you need to decide on a color palette for your event, and then start adding items that fit that palette.

The next step is choosing which details are most important to you and then choosing decorations accordingly.

For example, if you want a more rustic feel, you can use driftwood or seashells as centerpieces instead of flowers or candles. If you want to make it feel like a party at the shoreline, add in some surfboards or sand toys as decoration pieces.”

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Top 9 beaches for wedding photos around Vancouver, British Columbia

  1. Spanish Banks
  2. Harrison Lake
  3. Third Beach
  4. Jerico Beach (https://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/jericho-beach.aspx)
  5. Long Beach, Tofino
  6. Ambleside (https://westvancouver.ca/parks-recreation/parks/ambleside-park)
  7. Whytecliff park
  8. Barnet Marine Park
  9. Jones Lake

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How to Choose the Best Outfits for Your Guests So They Stay Comfortable in the Heat and Shine

1. Dress them in light, loose-fitting clothes that are made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk. These clothes will allow their skin to breathe and will help prevent heat exhaustion.

2. Choose light colours or neutral tones so they don’t overheat in the sun and wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the glare of the sun.

3. Give them a hat with a brim to keep their head cool and cover up any sensitive areas like tattoos or scars with clothing or sunscreen if needed.

4. Make sure they have a bottle of water on hand at all times and offer an umbrella if needed as well as sunscreen with SPF of 30+.

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Now You Know All There Is To Know About Beach Weddings!

Beach weddings are a great idea for those who want to get married on the beach but don’t want to travel too far from home. The sand and ocean waves make for beautiful backdrops and provide an intimate setting for any couple.

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Book us as your wedding photographer for your beach wedding

Capturing your special moments is what we do. Our team of photographers can tailor a package for you that best suits your needs. We want to be the ones capturing the memories, so let us help you capture your wedding day in photos.


Masters of light!

Selecting a photographer is pretty daunting with the number of online blogs and websites to go through. What stood out for us about Will and Lauren was their ability to handle almost any lighting condition. Will and Lauren really are masters of light! Both our ceremony and reception were held in a beautiful Vancouver restaurant, where lighting was dark and intimate. Looking at our photos, they really captured the feel of the room, but you can see everything that's going on.

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