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Ballroom wedding venues in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Finding the perfect ballroom wedding venue for your event is no easy feat. It’s time to get out there and explore all of Vancouver because chances are good that you’ll find a place right in your backyard with everything you need! Let’s start by looking at some popular venues around town:

Terminal City Club

Terminal City Club is a popular Vancouver wedding venue. They are located centrally in the heart of Downtown and offer two event spaces – The Rose Garden or Waterfront Terrace that can accommodate up to 260 guests for an indoor seated dinner with dancing.

The Terminal City Club has been hosting events since 1927, garnering praise as one of Canada’s most beloved venues from over three generations of satisfied clientele who have celebrated life-changing occasions at its picturesque waterfront location on Burrard Street designed by renowned architect Arthur Erickson

Rosewood Hotel Georgia

The Rosewood hotel is a luxury and contemporary location that can host up to 180 guests on its grounds. The venue includes an elegant ballroom space complete with marble floors and crystal chandeliers – all perfect settings for your dream day.


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