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Amazing Backyard Wedding Photos: Vancouver Edition

A backyard wedding is the epitome of intimacy and personalization, and when it comes to backyard wedding photos, Vancouver is a top destination. With its picturesque landscapes, lush gardens, and beautiful cityscapes, Vancouver offers the perfect backdrop for a magical backyard wedding. In this article, we will showcase some stunning examples of backyard wedding photos in Vancouver and provide tips for capturing the perfect shot.

Why Choose a Backyard Wedding in Vancouver?

There’s no denying that a backyard wedding offers a unique and intimate atmosphere. It allows couples to tailor their special day to their personal preferences and tastes. Vancouver, with its breathtaking views and diverse locations, is a fantastic choice for a backyard wedding. Some reasons to choose Vancouver for your backyard wedding photos include:

Scenic backdrops: From lush gardens to beautiful cityscapes, Vancouver has a wide variety of beautiful locations for your backyard wedding photos.
Mild weather: With its temperate climate, Vancouver’s weather is ideal for outdoor weddings and events.
Local talent: Vancouver is home to many talented photographers who can capture the essence of your backyard wedding perfectly.

Top Tips for Capturing Stunning Backyard Wedding Photos in Vancouver

To ensure your backyard wedding photos in Vancouver are unforgettable, keep the following tips in mind:

Choose the right photographer: Find a photographer who has experience with backyard weddings and is familiar with Vancouver’s landscape. They will be able to capture the unique elements that make your wedding special.
Plan the perfect backdrop: Select the ideal location within your backyard to serve as a backdrop for your wedding photos. This could be a lush garden, a beautiful city view, or a charming patio.
Consider the lighting: The natural lighting in Vancouver is typically soft and flattering. However, discuss with your photographer the best time of day to capture your backyard wedding photos to ensure optimal lighting.
Include personal touches: Incorporate elements of your personal story into your backyard wedding photos, such as your favorite flowers or meaningful décor items.
Embrace the natural beauty: Vancouver’s natural beauty can enhance your backyard wedding photos. Allow the surrounding scenery to shine by keeping your décor simple and elegant.

Get Inspired by These Stunning Vancouver Backyard Wedding Photos

To give you a taste of the enchanting backyard wedding photos Vancouver has to offer, here are some captivating examples:

A romantic garden ceremony: Surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers, a Vancouver backyard serves as a breathtaking setting for a couple exchanging vows.
A whimsical tented reception: A backyard in Vancouver can be transformed into a magical, intimate space with a beautifully decorated tent and string lights.
A charming picnic-style celebration: Couples can opt for a casual, laid-back atmosphere by setting up a picnic-style reception complete with cozy blankets and cushions.
A stunning cityscape backdrop: For couples who want to showcase the beauty of Vancouver’s cityscape, a rooftop backyard offers a unique and memorable backdrop for their wedding photos.


Backyard wedding photos in Vancouver are an exquisite way to capture the love and intimacy of your special day. With its diverse and picturesque locations, the city offers countless opportunities for stunning wedding photos. To make the most of your backyard wedding in Vancouver, select the right photographer, plan the perfect backdrop, and embrace the city’s natural beauty.


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