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Winter Wedding Photos

Winter wedding venues

Winter weddings are amazing in British Columbia. Snow-capped mountains are hard to beat. Whistler is one of the #1 places in the world to have a winter wedding with lots of snow and a great selection of venues to choose from. In Vancouver, there is Grouse, Cypress and Seymour mountain to choose from if you want snow photos. In the city, there is a chance of rain but that also makes for some amazing photos for your wedding day!

Best winter wedding venues near Vancouver

Looking for some awesome snowy wedding venues? below is a list of the best ones around Vancouver!

  1. Grouse Mountain
  2. Any Whistler wedding venue
  3. Sea to Sky Gondola
  4. Manning Park

Top 5 tips for Winter weddings

  1. Overdress for warmth, you can always take layers off
  2. Bring hand warmers
  3. Umbrellas if its close to 0
  4. Don’t be afraid to be playful and throw snow at each other
  5. Don’t stress if it’s dark or snowing hard, It will look amazing in photos!

It gets dark early

When planning your events make sure you take into consideration the sunset time. We enjoy working in any lighting condition so feel free to bring on a night ceremony!

Enjoy what mother nature gives you

The best part about winter weddings is snow! Just embrace going outdoors and playing a little!

Hire photographers that can photograph in any condition

Winter weddings can be tricky to photograph if the photographer does not have a lot of experience in low light and extreme weather conditions. We Thrive in these environments, Get in touch with us today about your photos!


All places at once.

There were some one of a kind original shots that we didn’t even realize they had taken! It was like they were all places at once.

C+D Richmond, BC | 2018