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Fall Wedding Photos

The Ultimate Guide to Fall Wedding Photography in Vancouver

There are many different reasons to choose a fall wedding. Some people don’t like the idea of having their wedding in the summer heat. Others prefer not to take their vows during the busy holiday season and want to have time for themselves before embarking on their marriage.

Fall weddings are also an excellent opportunity for couples who live in climates where winter can make outdoor weddings impractical or impossible.

We hope you have found these great advantages of a Fall Wedding!

What are some Ideas for Fall Wedding Decor?

Fall weddings are such a beautiful time of year and they make for some very unique and sophisticated decor ideas. We can combine the warm colours of the fall with the beautiful foliage to create a wedding that is both organic and elegant.

Some great ways to incorporate fall wedding decor into your big day is through a few simple touches of flowers or leaves in your centrepieces, using pumpkins as candle holders, or even incorporating a cornucopia centrepiece with autumn-themed dishware.

Fall Wedding Dress Trends For Brides And Grooms To Be Ready

Fall is the perfect time for couples to tie the knot. The weather is still warm, so you can take advantage of outdoor wedding venues.

Fall wedding dresses are among the most popular trends this season. A lot of brides and grooms to be are opting for long sleeves, which keep them warm during outdoor weddings. There are also a variety of styles and designs that allow you to switch it up without having to buy an entirely new dress that’s different than what you’ve always wanted.

There are many popular designers now designing pieces specifically with fall in mind, like Marchesa (who has gowns at Neiman Marcus), Ralph Lauren (available at Nordstrom), and David’s Bridal.

How to Capture the Perfect Fall Colours in Your Photos?

So what do you need to know when taking fall colour photos? Let’s find out how to capture these beautiful colours in your photos!

Many people prefer taking pictures in the morning or evening when the sun is low in the sky. This will bring out more of an orange or red tone in your photos.


All places at once.

There were some one of a kind original shots that we didn’t even realize they had taken! It was like they were all places at once.

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