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Capturing Breathtaking Gulf Islands Weddings with Pursell Photography

As a renowned Vancouver wedding photographer, Will Pursell has had the privilege of documenting countless unforgettable celebrations across British Columbia’s stunning Gulf Islands. These picturesque islands, nestled in the Salish Sea, offer a truly unique and romantic setting for couples to exchange vows.

Idyllic Island Venues

The Gulf Islands are home to a variety of breathtaking wedding venues that seamlessly blend natural beauty with elegant sophistication. Venues like Galiano Island’s Bodega Ridge and Pender Island’s Poets Cove Resort & Spa provide couples with the perfect canvas to create their dream wedding. These island retreats offer panoramic ocean views, lush gardens, and charming accommodations for an intimate and memorable celebration.

  1. Bodega Ridge (https://www.bodegaridge.com/)
  2. Poets Cove Resort & Spa (https://www.poetscove.com/)
  3. Stone Bridge Island Farm (https://www.stonebridgeislandfarm.com/)

Serene Island Scenery

The Gulf Islands are renowned for their stunning natural landscapes, from the rugged coastlines and pristine beaches to the lush, verdant forests and rolling hills. Pursell Photography has captured the essence of these picturesque islands, showcasing the serene beauty that serves as the perfect backdrop for couples’ wedding day.

Adventurous Island Elopements

For couples seeking a more intimate and adventurous wedding experience, the Gulf Islands offer a range of elopement opportunities. Pursell Photography has documented breathtaking elopements on private boat charters, secluded beaches, and even remote island cabins, allowing couples to exchange vows in complete privacy and surrounded by the natural splendour of the Salish Sea.

Whether you’re dreaming of a grand, island-inspired wedding or a cozy, elopement-style celebration, the Gulf Islands and Pursell Photography are the perfect match to capture the magic of your special day. Contact Pursell Photography today to start planning your unforgettable Gulf Islands wedding.


– Galiano Island: Venues like Bodega Ridge on Galiano Island provide panoramic ocean views and elegant settings for weddings.
– Pender Island: The Poets Cove Resort & Spa on Pender Island is another sought-after wedding venue with its beautiful oceanfront location.
– North Pender Island: This island is praised for its natural beauty, with couples drawn to its secluded beaches and remote island cabins for intimate elopements.
– Salt Spring Island: Known for its quirky artisan community and laid-back island vibes, Salt Spring Island is a popular choice for couples seeking a relaxed, oceanfront wedding.
– Saturna Island: One of the smaller and more remote Gulf Islands, Saturna offers a tranquil setting for couples looking to elope or have an intimate wedding.
– Hornby Island: This island is described as having a “tropical beach vibe” in the summer, making it an appealing option for couples seeking a unique island wedding experience.

Other Islands
Beyond the Gulf Islands, the search results also highlight some other popular island wedding destinations in British Columbia:

– Bowen Island: The Bowen Island Lodge provides a scenic island setting for weddings, with its 380-acre property and waterfront location.
– Gambier Island: This island in Howe Sound is praised for its natural beauty and potential as a wedding destination.
– Haida Gwaii: This remote archipelago off the northern coast of BC is described as offering “endless stretches of beaches” and “incredibly old growth forests” for adventurous couples seeking a truly unique elopement location.


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Do a web search for Vancouver wedding photographers and we’d be willing to bet that one of the images that makes your breath catch in your throat was shot by Will and Lauren of Pursell Photography.

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