Fraser Valley wedding photographer

Fraser Valley Wedding Photographer

If you are looking for a Fraser Valley wedding photographer you have found one. We love photographing around the Fraser Valley because it offers a lot of amazing nature locations away from the crowds.  There are the big open fields, massive 360 degree mountain views, waterfalls, lush forests, beaches, lakes, and more.

The main draw for us is that all of the photo shoot locations are less busy as well as less photographed. You can truly have a one of a kind photo in some of the amazing Fraser Valley wedding venues / locations.

What are the Best Fraser Valley Wedding Venues?

  • The best wedding venues in the Fraser Valley are:
  • Fraser River lodge
  • Harrison Hot Springs Resort
  • Secret Garden
  • Rowenas inn on the River
  • American Creek lodge

These are the official websites for the list above:,,,

Our favourite wedding venues

Here are some of our favourite wedding venues that we have photographed at so far: Fraser River Lodge, Harrison Hot Springs Resort, Rowena’s Inn and Secret Garden.

What are the Cities in the Fraser Valley?

We have photographed all around the valley, and here are some photos and weddings we have done in each of these cities: Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs, Kent, Hope, up past Yale.

Photographers personal paradise

The Fraser Valley is home to us! We live lakeside amongst the mountains in our dream home. All we do on our time off is explore some of the Valley’s unbelievable natural beauty. We can’t wait to take you to some of our secret locations. Or capture your amazing wedding.


Guide you through getting the best shots

They have an ability to work with light that most people would overlook completely and they guide you through getting the best shots without making you feel like you are simply marionettes; they capture the feelings of the moment while still letting you live in it.

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