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Stanley Park Wedding Photos

Stanley Park is the ultimate location for a stunning wedding photoshoot in Vancouver. With its diverse range of venues and portrait locations, the park offers something for every couple’s preference. From breathtaking skyline shots at the totem poles to the picturesque architecture of the lighthouse and Lions Gate Bridge, to the lush rainforests and sandy beaches scattered throughout the park, Stanley Park has it all. To make the most of your Stanley Park wedding photoshoot, planning a well-thought-out route is essential, especially during the busy summer months. With the right planning and a skilled photographer, your Stanley Park wedding photos will be breathtaking and truly memorable.


I wanted someone who would be prepared.

Lots of the other photographers mentioned that they go for ‘natural looks’ and rely on the ‘natural lighting to capture the moment’. Well, it’s Vancouver- the weather here isn’t always ideal, and I wanted someone who would be prepared.

C+D Vancouver, BC | 2016