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Queen Elizabeth Park Wedding Photos

Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver is a renowned location for weddings and photoshoots, offering various picturesque settings that cater to a range of preferences and styles:

  1. Bloedel Conservatory: This is a lush, domed paradise located at the highest point in Queen Elizabeth Park. The conservatory houses over 100 exotic birds, koi fish, and 500 tropical plants in a climate-controlled environment that maintains a summery feel throughout the year. This unique setting is perfect for intimate wedding ceremonies and photo shoots, offering a tropical and exotic backdrop​​​​.
  2. Celebration Pavilion: Situated at the highest point in Vancouver, within Queen Elizabeth Park, the Celebration Pavilion is a charming venue for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other special events. The Pavilion provides a picturesque setting with its beautiful manicured gardens, which are especially stunning on sunny days. The natural light and the romantic backdrop of the gardens, combined with the sleek white building featuring exquisite interior woodworking and a gorgeous ceiling, make it an ideal spot for wedding photos​​​​.
  3. Park’s General Features: Queen Elizabeth Park is popular for its manicured gardens, trees, fountains, and a greenhouse. These features offer a variety of scenic spots for photoshoots. Additionally, the park provides a great view of Vancouver and the North Shore Mountains, adding a dramatic and natural backdrop to any wedding or photoshoot​​.

Each of these locations within Queen Elizabeth Park offers a unique blend of natural beauty and architectural charm, making them ideal for capturing special moments in wedding photography. Whether you are looking for a tropical setting, a modern pavilion, or the natural elegance of manicured gardens and panoramic views, Queen Elizabeth Park provides a versatile and stunning choice for weddings and photoshoots

Queen Elizabeth Park: The Perfect Wedding Spot

Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver is an amazing place for weddings. Pursell Photography, known for their work in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, specializes in capturing these special moments. The team, a husband and wife with 15 years of experience, focuses on creating beautiful, artistic photos.

Pursell Photography’s Unique Style

Pursell Photography stands out with their skill and artistic approach. They combine a style that tells a story with advanced lighting techniques. This is especially great for Queen Elizabeth Park, where the lighting and scenery offer great photo opportunities.

Tailored Services for Each Couple

Every couple is different, and Pursell Photography understands this. They offer services that match each couple’s needs, whether it’s a big wedding or a small elopement. Their custom albums and wall art are special ways to remember your wedding day.

Capturing Real Moments

Pursell Photography’s approach is about capturing real, genuine moments. This means they photograph the natural emotions and events of your wedding day, giving you authentic memories.

The Beauty of Queen Elizabeth Park

The park’s beauty, mixed with Vancouver’s weather, makes every wedding photo unique. Pursell Photography’s expertise in lighting ensures that your photos will always look amazing.

Elopements and Portraits

Pursell Photography is not just about weddings. They also photograph smaller elopements and portraits, capturing the special bond between couples.

Your Story, Beautifully Told

With Pursell Photography, your wedding story is in good hands. They work with you to make sure your wedding photos are exactly how you imagine.


A wedding at Queen Elizabeth Park is a special moment in your life. Pursell Photography is there to capture every part of it beautifully, making sure your memories last forever.


  1. Why is Queen Elizabeth Park great for wedding photos? Queen Elizabeth Park is a fantastic spot for wedding photos due to its beautiful gardens, stunning views of the city, and diverse landscapes. It offers a mix of natural beauty and urban scenery, providing a variety of backdrops for romantic and memorable wedding photographs.
  2. Can Pursell Photography handle different lighting at the park? Yes, Pursell Photography is skilled in handling various lighting situations. They use advanced off-camera lighting techniques to ensure that every photo, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions, turns out beautifully and captures the mood of the moment.
  3. Are there custom photo packages for different weddings? Pursell Photography offers custom photo packages tailored to the specific needs of each couple. Whether it’s a large wedding, a small elopement, or anything in between, they can create a package that fits your event and preferences, ensuring you get the best service for your special day.
  4. How does storytelling style improve wedding photos? A storytelling style in wedding photography brings out the authenticity and emotions of the day. It captures the natural flow of events, the spontaneous moments, and the real feelings shared. This approach results in more meaningful and personal photographs that tell the unique story of the couple’s special day.
  5. What kind of albums and wall art are available? Pursell Photography offers a range of high-quality albums and wall art. These products are custom-designed to showcase your wedding photos in the best way. The albums are made with durable, premium materials, and the wall art options include various sizes and styles to suit different preferences and home decor.
  6. How do you capture a couple’s connection in photos? Pursell Photography captures a couple’s connection by focusing on natural interactions, genuine emotions, and the unique chemistry between the couple. They create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, allowing the couple to be themselves, which helps in capturing their bond in a candid and authentic manner.

Choosing Pursell Photography

For a magical Queen Elizabeth Park wedding, consider Pursell Photography. They combine technical skill and artistic vision to capture your special day perfectly. Get in touch today.


All places at once.

There were some one of a kind original shots that we didn’t even realize they had taken! It was like they were all places at once.

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