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Pitt Lake Wedding Photos

Pitt Lake photoshoots

The Pitt Lake is a gorgeous oasis in the midst of Vancouver with some jaw-dropping mountain views. The lake features easy access to wetlands for beautiful wedding photos, and is an awesome place to have your portrait photos!

Pitt Lake has some unreal views near Vancouver that are perfect for your special day. Located just outside Swaneset Bay wedding venue on Pitt River Road.

The park is near Vancouver is a great place for wedding photos. As you stroll across the road to take in all of the mountain views, Pitt lake makes it feel like your really getting away from everything and enjoying life outdoors with friends and family on such an important day!

The mountains are tall, and so is the grass. There is water in every direction which makes for some great photo shoots any time of year.

Your photo shoot is a very special day, so it’s important to take care of all the details. Consider doing your photography in the morning as that has the best light for photos!



As with any wedding, bad weather is the ghost that haunts every bride-to-be in their sleep. About a week before the wedding I saw that it was supposed rain! Will’s natural talent for putting together a great shot in any condition was certainly noticed! It poured rain for half the day, and was cloudy and dark for the other part. Once we received our wedding pictures we were ecstatic! They made friends of ours wish it had rained on their wedding day. (Of course they would have needed Will as their photographer)

R+E White Rock, BC | 2011