Othello Tunnels Wedding Photos

Othello Tunnels wedding and engagement photoshoots

Othello Tunnels is one of my absolute favourite locations to photograph a wedding or engagement at! The unique natural setting is breathtaking for photography. We are super excited to work with any couple that is up for the adventure to such a cool and different location!

Unique adventure photoshoot locations

Hope, BC has some pretty spectacular mountain views from every angle. The Othello Tunnels are one of the best locations to check out in the Fraser Valley! Get in touch with us and we can plan your adventure photoshoot!


Part of the gang

Will and Lauren were responsive and professional by email. They were very unobtrusive during the ceremony and reception. They felt like part of the gang during the wedding party photos and portraits. They are very casual in style and were very receptive to feedback or ideas.

R+T Mountain View, CA | 2015