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Jones Lake Wedding Photos

Escape to Tranquility: Unveiling the Magic of Jones Lake with Pursell Photography

Beyond the urban allure of Vancouver lies another side of love stories waiting to be captured: the serene beauty of Jones Lake. Nestled amidst towering mountains and lush forests, this hidden gem offers a breathtaking escape for your engagement session or wedding day portraits.

Embrace Nature’s Majesty:

Imagine saying “I do” on the shores of Jones Lake, surrounded by the emerald embrace of the wilderness. With the snow-capped peaks as your witness and the crystal-clear water reflecting the love in your eyes, Pursell Photography will capture the awe-inspiring grandeur of your moment.

A Canvas of Tranquility:

Jones Lake boasts a diverse landscape, from the serenity of the lake itself to the rugged beauty of the surrounding mountains. Our photographers will use their expertise to find the perfect spot, whether it’s a sun-dappled clearing, a picturesque dock overlooking the water, or a breathtaking vista against the backdrop of the sunset.

Unveil the Intimate:

The tranquility of Jones Lake allows for a more personal and intimate experience during your photoshoot. Our team will capture the quiet joy and connection you share, creating photos that are both breathtaking and deeply emotional.

Beyond the Scenery:

While the natural beauty of Jones Lake provides a stunning backdrop, it’s Pursell Photography’s artistry that elevates your story. We will use creative lighting techniques and a photojournalistic approach to capture the genuine emotions and connection between you.

Imagine your wedding album: filled with photos that not only capture the breathtaking scenery, but also the raw emotion and intimacy of your love story, forever etched against the backdrop of nature’s masterpiece.

Ready to escape the ordinary and embrace the magic of Jones Lake?

Contact Pursell Photography today, and let us capture the timeless beauty of your love story in this unforgettable natural setting. We’ll work with you to create a collection of photos that reflects your unique connection and the love that transcends the ordinary.


Absolutely floored

We wanted a photojournalistic/documentary style to our shots and these two delivered everything we wanted plus more! So many of our guests have written us to tell us just how beautiful every shot is and we are absolutely floored with the quality of the photos.

A+M Vancouver, BC | 2016