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Granville Island Wedding Photos

Capturing Your Love Story on Granville Island with Pursell Photography

Granville Island, Vancouver’s vibrant hub of culture, entertainment, and history, offers a unique and captivating backdrop for your wedding day or engagement session. With its eclectic mix of shops, studios, and waterfront charm, Granville Island provides endless opportunities to capture stunning photos and create a truly memorable experience.

Pursell Photography highlights some of the most picturesque locations on Granville Island, along with hidden gems, to showcase your love story perfectly:

Iconic Landmarks:

  • Granville Island Water Feature: This iconic landmark, with its cascading water and surrounding greenery, offers a serene yet dramatic backdrop for both formal and candid photos.
  • Granville Island Public Market: Capture the colorful energy of the market with its vibrant displays of fresh produce and flowers, adding a touch of local charm to your photos.

Hidden Gems:

  • Underneath the Granville Bridge: Utilize the unique industrial aesthetic of the bridge’s underbelly for a modern and edgy touch.
  • Studio 522: This artist-run gallery provides a unique and artistic backdrop for creative couples seeking a personalized touch.

Venues for Intimate Gatherings:

  • The Gallery at False Creek: This elegant event space offers stunning waterfront views and a sophisticated setting for your wedding ceremony or reception.
  • The Sandbar: With its casual and vibrant atmosphere, The Sandbar can host a unique and intimate wedding reception on their waterfront patio.

Beyond the Location:

Remember, while the scenery sets the stage, it’s Pursell Photography’s expertise that truly shines. Our team will capture the raw emotions, genuine connection, and unique personalities that make your love story special. We’ll utilize our creative vision and photojournalistic approach to document your day authentically, from the tearful ceremony to the joyful celebrations.

Ready to embark on your unique love story at the vibrant Granville Island?

Contact Pursell Photography today, and let us create timeless keepsakes that capture the magic of your special day amidst the diverse beauty of Granville Island.


I wanted someone who would be prepared.

Lots of the other photographers mentioned that they go for ‘natural looks’ and rely on the ‘natural lighting to capture the moment’. Well, it’s Vancouver- the weather here isn’t always ideal, and I wanted someone who would be prepared.

C+D Vancouver, BC | 2016