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Gastown Wedding Photos

Cobblestone Streets

The cobblestone streets winding through Gastown have old-world charm that heightens the romance. During golden hour when the light is soft and warm, we can really make it glow. The textures and colors of the street make an ideal backdrop.

Architectural Details

From alcoves to stairwells and ironwork, the Victorian-era buildings of Gastown are full of potential. We look for interesting angles that make you the focus while highlighting Gastown’s beauty. The interplay of lighting and textures creates visual interest.

Popular Landmarks

Gastown’s famous steam clock crafts a scene of historic architecture meets steampunk. It’s such a great prop for adding mood and intrigue! We scout locations to take advantage of how the surroundings enhance you.

Quiet Alleys

Between major streets, we find secluded walkways and faded brick walls that frame romantic portraits. These tucked-away spots are perfect for stealing an intimate moment together in an atmospheric setting. We are passionate about capturing authentic connections in emotive settings. For us, photography is about storytelling – finding locations that add to the narrative of your love. Let us make art and magic together in Gastown’s inspiring backdrop! We can’t wait to hear your ideas and visions.


Breath catch in your throat

Do a web search for Vancouver wedding photographers and we’d be willing to bet that one of the images that makes your breath catch in your throat was shot by Will and Lauren of Pursell Photography.

A+M Vancouver, BC | 2016