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Barnet Marine Park Wedding Photos

Capture Timeless Wedding Photos at Barnet Marine Park
Nestled on the shores of Burrard Inlet in Burnaby lies the peaceful sanctuary of Barnet Marine Park…

Urban Oasis Meets Mountain Wilderness

As your Vancouver wedding photographer, I’m delighted to offer engagement, elopement, and wedding photo sessions at this urban oasis just minutes from the city…

Barnet Marine Park is one of my favourite places to take photos in the Lower Mainland. You have old structures, mountain views, forest, and ocean all within a few steps. It is also possible to get mountain views without houses which is hard to do anywhere near Vancouver. Barnet Marine park is located in Burnaby Bc close to SFU and a few other wedding venues.

Our Favorite Photogenic Locations

Some of my favorite locations in Barnet Marine Park include:
The Beaches – These sandy and rocky beaches frame the mountain views perfectly. I love capturing shots of couples walking hand-in-hand along the water’s edge or gazing into one another’s eyes, with the city skyline visible across the inlet.
The Pier – This landmark pier makes for romantic portraits showcasing the mountains and downtown Vancouver in the background. The crystal blue water below reflects the sky for added drama.
Old Broken-Down Structures – Scattered throughout trails in the park are old, broken-down building foundations, walls, and machinery, now overtaken by moss and plants. These make for textured, edgy backdrops contrasting with the natural surroundings and wedding attire.

Tailored to Your Love Story

From beach scenes to woodland trails, Barnet Marine Park offers incredible versatility for tailoring your wedding photoshoot. Let’s create timeless images that reflect your love story against this urban wilderness oasis.
Contact me today to reserve your wedding, elopement or engagement photography session amidst Barnet’s natural beauty!


I wanted someone who would be prepared.

Lots of the other photographers mentioned that they go for ‘natural looks’ and rely on the ‘natural lighting to capture the moment’. Well, it’s Vancouver- the weather here isn’t always ideal, and I wanted someone who would be prepared.

C+D Vancouver, BC | 2016