Breath catch in your throat

Do a web search for Vancouver wedding photographers and we’d be willing to bet that one of the images that makes your breath catch in your throat was shot by Will and Lauren of Pursell Photography.

A+M Vancouver, BC | 2016

Vancouver Portrait Photographer

We love capturing a mixture of dramatic portraits, emotional moments, wedding details and super fun photos. We carefully create a mood for each image by creating a warm or cool tone to match the environment, or a high key photo of a close up focusing on natural reactions. Our goal is to have each photo tell a story in itself.

Light in any situation

We bring our own light, so we can put flattering light on you in any location or lighting condition.

Non intrusive

We spend a lot of time exploring new photo locations to complement your style. Whether you are into city or nature, we have a map with lots of locations to choose from.

Directed portraits

We guide you to get those amazing portraits that feel natural. We will never leave you standing there feeling awkward, as we will guide you though all the appropriate times.

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