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With years of experience, we have captured happy memories for couples all over Surrey. From formal romance to chills and thrills, our team is dedicated to making your day truly perfect. We look forward to capturing special moments and telling the story of your special day.

Popular wedding venues in Surrey, British Columbia

Surrey is a great city to get married in. It has a lot of unique wedding venues to choose from. There are parks, banquet halls, golf courses, restaurants and hotels that can all be used as wedding venues.

  • Morgan Creek ( You’ll be able to marvel at the natural beauty of Mount Baker, as well as their award-winning golf course, straight from our banquet room.
  • Royal King Palace Banquet Hall ( This venue offers a stunning foyer and Hall facility that can be custom-decorated to match your event or party theme. Themes may include weddings, wedding anniversaries, receptions, beauty pageants or other corporate events.
  • Northview Golf and Country Club (’s stunning clubhouse is arguably the most popular and sought-after wedding venue in Surrey, BC. Surrounded by beautiful golf courses and mountains, it makes for a stunning backdrop to your photos. The banquet room with high ceilings can accommodate up to two hundred guests.

What types of photos can you get in Surrey BC?

Surrey BC is an amazing area with a ton of great photo opportunities. There are beautiful, scenic parks and lakes to take photos of. The city is also full of interesting buildings and architecture that can make for some great photos.

Popular places for photos around Surrey?

Surrey is a beautiful city with plenty of places worth visiting. I’ve compiled a list of some popular places for photos in the Surrey area.

  • Redwoods park A beautiful park with old and tall redwood trees that would be perfect for your wedding photos.
  • Tynehead The park is close to the highway, making it easy to get there. The trees provide shade, which is a welcome relief on hot summer days.
  • Stewart historic farm A barn that is located in the outskirts of Surrey, Bc, is one of the best places to take some really cool photos.
  • Crescent Beach The beach in Whiterock is a great place to take wedding photos. With its beautiful scenery, there are endless picturesque spots for couples to shoot their big day. The water is a cool blue and you can take advantage of all of its scenic views.

What to expect from a Surrey wedding photographer?

I’m a Surrey wedding photographer and I specialize in photojournalistic style images. My work features off-camera lighting, a mix of posed and candid shots, and a focus on capturing emotion. I’m also happy to offer you two photographers for your big day!

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As a professional wedding photographer, I specialize in capturing the most important day of your life. My goal is to make sure your photos are timeless and capture all of the joy and beauty of your wedding day. Get in touch to schedule a free consultation. 



As with any wedding, bad weather is the ghost that haunts every bride-to-be in their sleep. About a week before the wedding I saw that it was supposed rain! Will’s natural talent for putting together a great shot in any condition was certainly noticed! It poured rain for half the day, and was cloudy and dark for the other part. Once we received our wedding pictures we were ecstatic! They made friends of ours wish it had rained on their wedding day. (Of course they would have needed Will as their photographer)

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