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What are the best wedding venues in Mission, British Columbia?

There are a variety of venues available for weddings in Mission, British Columbia including wineries, ranches, and golf courses. It’s important to get the venue booked ahead of time because popular spots can fill up fast. I’ll go over some of the best venues in Mission below so you can find one that fits your needs.

What kind of images can you capture in Mission BC?

The Mission District in British Columbia is a paradise for those who love the outdoors. This region is home to a diverse landscape of mountains, fields and natural areas, which are perfect for capturing stunning photographs.

What are some good places that have your photos in Mission?

With the breathtaking views and the proximity to nature, it’s no wonder that many people choose to capture memories in Mission BC. From iconic architecture and local landmarks to scenic views of the Fraser River and mountain ranges, there are plenty of photo opportunities. The top places to have your wedding photos around Mission British Columbia are:

How do you work as a Mission Wedding photographer?

You never know what you’re going to encounter on your wedding day. It’s a challenging, but fulfilling job. I often find myself running around, hiding in trees and bushes, climbing on buildings, or hanging out of the back of a limo just to get the best shots.


Photography ninjas!

They have packages with two photographers and it allowed us to have our entire wedding shot from different angles. After receiving our wedding photos I found many pictures that I didn’t even know were taken. They are able to take flawless wedding photos without even being known they are there.

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