Guide you through getting the best shots

They have an ability to work with light that most people would overlook completely and they guide you through getting the best shots without making you feel like you are simply marionettes; they capture the feelings of the moment while still letting you live in it.

A+M Vancouver, BC | 2016

Coquitlam wedding photographers

We often photograph weddings and engagements in Coquitlam and POCO in British Columbia. We travel all over the lower mainland and love exploring new venues and locations for our photoshoots. As a Coquitlam wedding photographer, we have access to great venues parks and locations.

What are some of the best wedding venues in Coquitlam?

  1. Westwood plateau (
  2. Executive Plaza Hotel (
  3. Minnekhada Lodge (
  4. Hard Rock Casino (
  5. Vancouver Golf Club (

What are some good parks to have your photos in the area?

Minnekhada Park has some beautiful rustic natural areas. If you are more of a city lover then downtown has a big city feel to some of the streets. We often also go to Buntzen lake if your wedding is at non-busy times. Coquitlam being close to many other cities gives it lots of options!

When urban meets mountains

The beautiful part about the area is that it is right up against the mountains. This makes a lot of really amazing opportunities without having to travel too far. We used to live in the area so we know pretty much all of the best locations!

How do you work as photographers?

As a Coquitlam wedding photographer, we love capturing candid events and letting natural moments unfold. We will also guide you through any portraits. Our passion is photography and would love to bring our passion to your wedding. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible to book your date!