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Fraser Valley | Metro Vancouver | Sea to Sky | Destination
Helicopter, off-road, boat, hike and more


Choose from one of our adventure elopements which we plan and document you saying your vows high up into the mountains by helicopter, off-roading to explore scenic views from atop a mountain lookout, visiting one of the many beautiful waterfalls in this area- some easy access while others require hiking or boating around, or an easy access park overlooking spectacular lakes and mountain views. Come explore some lesser-known locations and let us capture some unforgettable memories!

Your own vision

Capturing your vision in the best light

Bring your own vision to life when planning your own elopement. Tell us what your plan is and we will document your vision in our style. How about doing the activity you love doing together like snowshoeing, skiing, mountain biking, surfing, or hiking? Do you have a certain location or island you want to take a seaplane to? Want to get married in your apartment or backyard? Maybe you just want to walk the Vancouver Seawall. There is no limit to what you can do with elopements and we’ll be there to capture amazing photos of it.

Eloping gives you the chance to

Spend your day focusing on what is important. 

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Guide you through getting the best shots

They have an ability to work with light that most people would overlook completely and they guide you through getting the best shots without making you feel like you are simply marionettes; they capture the feelings of the moment while still letting you live in it.

A+M Vancouver, BC | 2016

What you can expect

Professional lighting to tackle any situation.

We are masters at lighting, so bad weather and dark locations are a breeze for us. We can make our own light to make you look amazing, and don’t need to search for perfect natural light so it allows us to focus on you.

Your quality custom printed heirlooms

Showcase your photos in the highest quality wedding album custom-designed to tell the story of your day. An ordering session is included where you will be guided through the best way to showcase your photos.

See amazing products

Planning guidance

We will recommend the best spots to elope at. We have lots of secret waterfalls, mountain tops and beautiful locations that we can recommend. If you have your own plan, we will recommend the spots that will give you the best value for your time.

Personalized ordering session

We will sit down with you for an ordering session via screen share or in-person. You will design your wedding album on the spot. You can send us a photo of a spot in your home where you want to hang art, and we can put examples of how wall art will look in your home. 

Who are the photographers?

Will and Lauren Pursell

We work as a husband-wife team filling in each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Lauren will be your initial contact, planner and product designer. Will Is the head photographer and photo editor. 

On our time off we enjoy travelling, playing with our dog, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, kiteboarding, rollerblading, boating, exploring the backcountry, and pretty much anything else fun and exciting. We also know how to chill out by binge-watching Netflix, playing video games for hours on end, and cooking a lot of food. 

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