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Step-by-Step: Your Pursell Photography Experience

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

Quality Photography Experience That Is Different.

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When you hire Will and Lauren at Pursell Photography for your wedding photography, you can expect a personalized and stress-free experience that is tailoured to your unique vision for your big day. Our goal is to provide you with a collection of beautiful, high-quality photographs that capture the emotions, details, and memories of your wedding day. Read on for more details below.

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Personalized Photography Plan: Tailouring Your Wedding Photography to Your Unique Style and Personality

Before your wedding day, we will work with you to develop a custom photography plan that meets your needs and reflects your style and personality. We have an easy online questionnaire that will guide you so we can quickly get an idea of your timeline for photography. We’ll discuss your vision, answer any questions you have, and offer recommendations for locations and timeline tips based on our years of experience in the wedding photography industry.

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How Our Expert Lighting and Candid Shots Make Your Photos Shine

On your wedding day, we will arrive early to set up our equipment and get familiar with the venue. From there, we will work quietly and unobtrusively to capture all of the important moments of your day, from getting ready to the last dance.
Throughout the day, we’ll use our expert off-camera lighting skills to capture stunning images in any light condition, from bright sunlight, and rainy days, to dimly lit reception halls (see how we embrace the weather). We’ll also work closely with you to ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease, capturing natural, candid moments that truly reflect your personality and the love you share. Learn more about how we use flash.

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Two-Photographer Approach: How We Capture Traditional and Riskier Shots Without Being Obtrusive

we have a two-photographer approach to capturing candid moments during your wedding. We use a mix of short and long lenses, and one photographer will take a traditional shot while the other takes a riskier shot. This way, we can move less throughout the room and capture a variety of candid shots without being too obtrusive.

During the portrait session, Will Pursell will guide you through the shot while Lauren works as a lighting assistant. We use expert off-camera lighting to create stunning images in any light condition, from bright sunlight to dimly lit reception halls. And during candid moments, we have lights strategically placed throughout the venue to capture events with the best possible lighting. See more about how we use two photographers.

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Distinct Style and Expert Editing: How We Create Photos That Capture Your Story

After your wedding day, we will carefully select and edit your photos in our distinct style to ensure that you receive a collection of high-quality, stunning photographs. We take great care in curating a collection of images that truly capture the essence and beauty of your wedding day.

Our editing process involves carefully selecting the best photos from your wedding day and using various techniques to enhance the contrast and detail of each image. This helps to draw your attention to the subject and make the details pop. We can also adjust the mood of your photos with editing, adding a warm or cool tone depending on the desired effect.


Showcasing Your Photos: How Our Custom-Designed Albums and Wall Art Can Help Your Photos Look The Best

We want to help you showcase your wedding photos in the best way possible. That’s why we offer custom-designed wedding albums and wall art that can be tailoured to meet your specific needs and style.

Once your wedding images are fully edited, we’ll set up a Zoom consultation to go over your collection and discuss the custom-designed album and wall art options available to you. We’ll provide you with a product credit that can be used towards the purchase of albums and wall art, and we’ll help you choose the perfect way to showcase your photos.

During the consultation, we’ll work with you to create the perfect layout for your wedding album. We can make any necessary adjustments on the spot to ensure that the album reflects your vision and style. We can also provide you with wall art examples in a room to help you visualize how your photos will look in your home or office.

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Wedding Photography Packages: Meeting Your Unique Needs and Budget with Our A-la-Carte and Full Coverage Options

At Pursell Photography, we offer a variety of wedding photography packages to meet your unique needs and budget. Our smaller packages for fewer hours are a-la-carte, where you pay per image and product, while our larger wedding collections include 6 hours of coverage, digital files, and credit towards albums and wall art.

Our a-la-carte packages are designed for couples who only need photography coverage for a few hours or who prefer to purchase images and products separately. With our a-la-carte option, you have the flexibility to choose the specific images and products that you want, and you only pay for what you need.

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Our larger wedding collections are perfect for couples who want full coverage of their wedding day, as well as a beautiful collection of high-quality photos to cherish for years to come. These packages start at 6 hours of coverage, digital files of all images, and a product credit that can be used towards the purchase of albums and wall art. We offer a variety of album and wall art options to choose from, allowing you to customize your collection to meet your specific needs and style.

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Booking Your Session: How to Secure Our Services and Get the Attention You Deserve

To ensure that we can give each couple the attention they deserve, we limit the number of weddings we shoot in a year. We only take on 20 weddings a year, which allows us to provide the highest quality service to each and every client.

As a result, we recommend that you book us as early as possible to secure our services for your wedding day. We find that most people book at least 1 year in advance, especially for peak wedding season.

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Your Dream Wedding Photography: A Stress-Free and Personalized Experience with Pursell Photography

When you choose Pursell Photography for your wedding photography needs, you can expect a stress-free, personalized experience. Get in touch for your wedding.

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