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Whytecliff Park Intimate Elopement Wedding Photography

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Intimate Elopement in Vancouver

Katie and Ravi travelled to Vancouver from North Carolina to elope in their favourite place in BC. Katie’s happy place has always been by the ocean, and Ravi loved the mountains, so it was important to find a place that had those elements along with the rustic vibe of BC. We ultimately decided on Whytecliff Park in Horseshoe Bay. It was an overcast day with some fog, and even though the clouds were low and there wasn’t much of a mountain view, it gave it some real cool moodiness to the scenery, which they loved. Katie and Ravi were up to anything we threw their way and at one point Katie was scaling on the cliff side in heels just to get the photo. During sunset they exchanged their own personal vows in a little nook off of the main park, completely private from anyone else. It was a really sweet moment to witness and take photos of and we thank you both for choosing us to photograph your Whyetcliff Park elopement.


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