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Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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We did this engagement session with Naomi and Andrew in Whiterock BC. It was a typical rainy Metro Vancouver (Lower mainland BC) spring evening but using our lighting we managed to use the bad weather to our advantage for some edgy engagement portraits. We planned to shoot at Crescent Beach first but due to the rain we hit up our backup location with a covered barn! After we got some great barn photos we headed back to the beach. Andrew actually proposed on Crescent Beach on the bench in one of the last photos! We grabbed some romantic photos as the light rain sprinkled down on them. They then jumped into the ocean with all of their clothes on to make for some more interesting photos. Naomi and Andrew's wedding will be in Whiterock BC, and will be possibly using the same barn location for their wedding photos 🙂

whiterock barnwhiterock engagement photographerwhiterock wedding photographer Check out more engagement photography in our portfolio or contact us to book a wedding or portrait session!


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