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I'm excited to share some photos from Crystal and Jonathan's Whistler engagement photography. Why Whistler? Well, that's where the proposal was. We managed to go back to the spot in the village where the magic happened (under the streetlight). While Whistler village is nice, I wanted to suggest something a bit more unique. After chatting with some locals, someone mentioned the abandoned train wreck in the woods. "It kind of has a industrial feel combined with nature". Sounded perfect! I first did a location scout by myself. It's quite an interesting hike to do by yourself, but luckily I met some Australians who were on a forest walkabout that offered me company (and beer :-)). Once we came to the location, it was exactly what I was looking for! It's something that would not be accessible during a wedding day so I'm excited Crystal and Jonathan were down for the adventure (in the rain/snow :-))

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I'm excited to do more Whistler photography in the future!


2 Comments on “Whistler Photography”

  1. I can tell you love your job man. Especially after viewing these shots. This is some of your best work imo. Amazing lighting, great composition and color, and there’s a real sense of energy overall.

  2. Thanks Scott! we really try and create something different. And you are right, I love all my job, but its my clients that make it. I love that they will do something like hike in the wet snow for over an hour to get shots like these 🙂

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