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Wedding Lighting Ideas

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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All You Need To Know About Beautiful Wedding Lighting

Wedding lighting is one of the most important aspects of any wedding. It can set the mood and create a romantic ambiance that will make your day memorable.

There are many different types of wedding lighting. From string lights to chandeliers, there is something for everyone. String lights are perfect for an outdoor wedding, while chandeliers are best for an indoor affair.

The type of decor you choose should reflect your personality and style. For example, if you love rustic chic decor then you would want to have a lot of candles on the tables and fairy lights hanging from the trees in your backyard reception area. Wedding decoration ideas with lights? Check out these creative and easy examples that will help you create an unforgettable atmosphere on your big day.

It’s been fun putting together some of our favourite wedding lighting ideas. Lighting can completely transform a wedding. We know we are terrible at posting lots of wedding details on our blog since we usually prefer to focus on our awesome couples and emotions. However, we do take LOTS of them. We always make sure we capture details from different angles making sure to capture all the work and design that was put into your wedding. Taking a good photo is all about lighting, and while we can make our own if needed, accent lights are the sure-fire way to take your wedding ceremony and reception to the next level.

candle light wedding ideas

Candles are the number one easy way to make your wedding reception romantic. The ratio of cost to value for candles packs a huge punch. There are a lot of ways you can use candles. A few ideas are: Putting them on the middle of the table (obviously), hanging them from centrepieces, putting them in jars or lanterns and hanging them / scattering them throughout the venue, on windowsills, putting them on the floor and any empty space, float them in jars of water. You can have them long or short, skinny or fat. You can almost drill candles into any surface like rocks and wood. They are always a great complement to any candlelight wedding theme. Bonus tip: some venues don’t allow candles, but fake candles still add great accent lights.

wedding chandelier ideas

Add some class to your wedding with hanging chandeliers. Many venues have chandeliers installed already and some have the ability to add them afterwards. Bonus tip: don’t be afraid to add flowers/greenery to your chandeliers and lighting.

Spotlight / Projectors inspiration

There’s no limit to creativity when projecting designs in your venue. You can put any image anywhere! We have seen some great ones with the couple’s monogram and cool designs being projected through the venue to completely change the look! Spotlights with graphics add some amazing texture to your wedding reception/ceremony. Bonus tip: try adding subtle graphics and texture to the walls and ceilings of your venue.

String Light examples for weddings

String lights are most commonly used to create a more romantic, intimate atmosphere. They are also perfect for highlighting elements in your wedding decor, such as the cake table or the dance floor.

String lights can be placed up high to create a dramatic effect or down low to give off a softer glow. String lights are also versatile and can be mixed with other lighting sources. String lights are especially popular for a tent wedding.

“In our extensive experience, nothing transforms a venue space quite like the right lighting. Lighting can transform even the most pedestrian hotel ballroom or industrial space into a place of magic and enchantment. It sets the scene for that finishing touch of welcoming warmth and romance. It breathes life into the decor and sets the tone for the whole affair.”Wedding Planners / Sea To Sky Celebrations

Light any of your wedding details

When planning a wedding reception, one of the most important details is how to light the room. Centrepieces are a great way to create ambiance and mood. There are many different types of centrepieces such as candles, flowers and paper lanterns.

wedding up-lighting ideas

Uplighting just screams luxury. You can completely transform your venue. The key is to accent interesting points of the venue. The beauty of the latest LEDs is you can choose whatever colour you would like on the fly. Most up lights are as simple as plugging them in, angling them, and turning them on! Bonus tip: try not and have hotspots. If lights are too bright in one area move away from the wall or turn the power down.

fairy lights wedding reception ideas

Fairy lights are a perfect way to add a little sparkle to your wedding reception. They can be used in different ways, from hanging them on trees or around the venue to wrapping them around the bride and groom.

You can also use fairy lights as part of your table centrepieces by adding small votives or tea light holders. For an extra romantic touch, you could also include a few battery-operated candles to go with your fairy lights.


mason jar fairy lights centrepiece

Mason jar fairy lights are a beautiful way to display your wedding centrepieces. These decorations are perfect for illuminating a table or mantle.


outdoor wedding lighting ideas

Outdoor weddings are never complete without the perfect decoration. String lights, chandeliers, and lanterns make for a beautiful ambiance. Lanterns can be used as centrepieces or hung from trees and bushes to light up the night sky. For those looking for rich and diverse DIY outdoor wedding lighting examples, take a look at the following photos for outdoor wedding lighting decoration ideas.


wedding tent lighting ideas

The idea is to combine different types of lights in order to create a unique and personalized ambience for your wedding.

There are many different types of lights you can use for your tent wedding. String lights and fairy lights are popular choices because they’re inexpensive, easy to set up, and versatile.


backyard wedding lighting ideas

String lights are a great option for those who don’t want to spend too much money on their outdoor wedding light. Chandeliers are perfect for those who want a more elegant look and they can also be used as centrepieces. If you want to add some colour to your event, light trees will do just that. Spotlight rocks are perfect for highlighting different parts of your backyard so that it doesn’t look like the same place all the time and candlelight is great for those who want a more intimate setting.


wedding centrepieces with lights

Wedding centrepieces with lights are a creative way to add elegance and ambiance to your wedding reception. Whether they are candles or electric, the right centrepieces can transform your event space into a romantic atmosphere.

night wedding lighting ideas

Going with accent lights and string lights for your outdoor nighttime wedding is the best way to make your event look even more magical. Illuminate the trees, put out some covered areas, and maybe bring in some other colours — you won’t regret it!


wedding aisle lighting ideas

There are many different types of wedding lights that you can use for your wedding aisle lighting. Some popular ones include candles, electric lights, string lights and chandeliers.


wedding dance floor lighting ideas

If you want to start your party off with a bang, get a light-up dance floor. Colourful lights are the best way to energize a crowd and make it seem like your party is super cool. The effect will be even better when combined with smoke or dry ice.

Where to get wedding lighting?

Event rentals, DJs and wedding planners are the go-to’s for extra lighting. If you have the space, some are just cheaper to buy on your own than sell after the wedding. Many have the DIY option, but just like photography there is definitely a right and wrong way to use lighting, so we usually recommend a professional lighting designer that has experience with how the light works.

“It is important to select the right lighting for the space and the theme, and multiple choices are available from candles of all sorts to strings, fairy lights, canopies, LED curtain and pillar lights, illuminated giant letters (very on-trend) and lanterns of all styles and sizes, and more. We’re pretty sure we have seen and done it all! We love wedding photographers like Pursell Photography Inc. who know how to work with every kind of lighting to translate the magic of the scene into breathtaking, beautiful images.” – Wedding Planners / Sea To Sky Celebrations

What are your wedding lighting ideas?

What do you guys think? Any tips for making your lighting reception better? *A special thanks to Sea to Sky Celebrations for sharing their expertise with us!  

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