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Beautiful Big Wedding at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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The Relaxed and Joyful Couple

The couple whose wedding we photographed at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster had such a relaxed and joyful vibe. Both being Catholic, they opted for a Western wedding, reflecting their shared faith and love for each other. Check out classic Canadian wedding traditions

Capturing the Sacred Moments at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Parish

The couple’s Catholic ceremony at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Parish in Richmond, B.C, provided a deeply spiritual and traditional setting for the exchange of vows. The church’s timeless beauty and solemn rituals created a reverent backdrop for the couple’s union, allowing us to capture the sacred and heartfelt moments of their nuptials. The rich traditions and spiritual significance of the Catholic ceremony at St. Paul’s added a profound and meaningful dimension to the couple’s wedding, and we were honoured to document this significant aspect of their special day.

Heritage Building Amongst An Urban Landscape 

We photographed the portrait photos in between the ceremony and reception and went to this beautiful heritage building nestled between apartment buildings. It had beautiful architecture to create some really gorgeous photos. 

The Anvil Centre: A Stunning Venue

The Anvil Centre provided a spacious and versatile backdrop for the celebration. The grand event spaces accommodated the large gathering of around 300 guests, and the couple’s easygoing nature perfectly complemented the venue’s ambiance.

Capturing the Highlights

We were able to capture the highlights from getting ready in the morning with friends and family, to the celebration of the ceremony and reception with all of their loved ones surrounding the couple. The event space at the Anvil Centre offered a large room to accomodate their dance floor with twinkle lights, a photobooth, a stage, bar,  lots of tables to seat their large wedding, and some fun architecture to use for some fun end of the night portraits of the couple.

Natural Interactions and Overcoming Challenges

Our approach is primarily photojournalistic, allowing us to capture the day’s events and the genuine emotions of the couple and their guests. We faced the challenge of a bright, sunny day, which we overcame by skillfully using off-camera lighting to create stunning visual effects, and finding the little bits of shade to create some dynamic photos.

Standout Photos and Unique Techniques

One of the standout photos from the event was the portrait session captured at a heritage building, showcasing our ability to infuse each image with the couple’s unique story and our distinctive photography style. Our use of off-camera lighting enhanced the photos, creating a perfect interplay of light and shadow, even in the face of harsh sunlight.

Capturing Genuine Emotions and Ensuring Comfort

We let the day unfold naturally, capturing candid moments that reflected the genuine emotions of the couple and their guests. For example, the couple’s important first dance was captured in a particularly candid and intimate manner with dancing into the grand entrance all the way to the dance floor surrounded by friends and family. Before the wedding, we also photographed an engagement shoot, which helped the couple feel comfortable and at ease during the wedding photo shoot.

Cherishing Their Memories in a Wedding Album

After they received their wedding photos, we set up a meeting online to design a wedding album for them to enjoy their wedding photos. Lauren pre-designed a layout to best tell the story of their day, so when they met online to view their wedding album, all they had to do is make little changes to accommodate some other photos they loved, and customize to exactly what they loved. They took away a beautiful luxury album, and two parent albums so that their family can enjoy and look back on this beautiful day forever. 

More About The Anvil Centre: A Stunning Venue

The Anvil Centre, nestled in the heart of New Westminster, served as the perfect backdrop for the wedding we photographed. This vibrant cultural venue and boutique conference center offers a modern and versatile space for special events, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a contemporary setting for their wedding celebration.

The center’s striking architecture and spacious ballroom, which can accommodate up to 430 people at round tables or close to 740 people for a stand-up reception, provided a grand yet intimate atmosphere for the wedding. The airy and open ballroom, featuring stunning architecture, allowed us to capture the essence of the couple’s love in a modern and elegant setting.

When you book the Anvil Centre for your wedding, you gain access to a suite of services included with your booking. Additionally, the center offers a full complement of carefully chosen service partners for flowers, photography, music, and more, ensuring that your special day is as seamless and memorable as possible.

Couples who choose the Anvil Centre for their wedding can take advantage of the dedicated staff’s expertise in arranging the ballroom for engagement parties, wedding ceremonies, and receptions. The venue’s spacious ballroom and open atrium, along with amenities such as a bridal suite and a dramatic marble staircase, create an unforgettable setting for a modern and elegant wedding celebration. 

Popular FAQs Answered

  1. What makes the Anvil Centre a unique venue for wedding photography? The Anvil Centre stands out due to its modern architectural design, spacious interiors, and infusion of natural light. Its contemporary style provides a dynamic backdrop for both formal and candid photography, making it ideal for couples seeking a blend of urban sophistication and elegant charm.
  2. How do you handle the lighting challenges at a venue like the Anvil Centre? I utilize a combination of off-camera lighting techniques and photojournalistic approaches. This allows me to balance natural light with artificial sources, ensuring that each photograph captures the ambiance of the venue without compromising on the warmth and emotion of the moment.
  3. Can you describe your photographic style when shooting at a venue like the Anvil Centre? My style is a mix of vibrant and bold photography with a touch of photojournalism. I focus on capturing the essence of the venue and the emotions of the day, creating a photographic narrative that tells the story of the wedding through both its grand moments and subtle details.
  4. Are there specific areas within the Anvil Centre that you prefer for photography? The Anvil Centre offers various captivating spots, including its grand halls and intricately designed spaces. I prefer areas that combine architectural beauty with natural light, providing a balance between the venue’s modern aesthetics and the couple’s style.
  5. Do you have any tips for couples planning a wedding at the Anvil Centre? I recommend exploring the venue to identify unique spots for photography and discussing these preferences beforehand. Additionally, considering the time of day for your ceremony and reception can significantly impact the lighting and ambiance in your photographs.

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