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Waterview Restaurant Wedding

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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C+S had a Vancouver wedding in early spring at St. Andrew’s Wesley Church and Waterview Event Space.

Church Wedding

The ceremony at St. Andrew’s Wesley Church in Vancouver is one of the more popular churches in downtown for weddings. The stained glass in this church is one of the features we really love and wanted to use in our photos. After the ceremony, we took them aside for a couple minutes to get some creative photos using some of the best features in the church.

Sunset Beach Wedding Photos

The reception was located just off of Sunset Beach, and the couple wanted to be within walking distance of their venue for the majority of their portraits, so we walked around the beach capturing the mountain views in the background.

Waterview Wedding Reception

This wedding reception venue is a bit of a funky venue located right under Granville Bridge. It’s a half moon shape room, with nice panoramic floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Burrard Bridge with a great view of the sunset. C+S’s reception was very beautiful with lots of speeches and dances. It was a fun wedding, and we are so happy that C+S chose us to photograph their big day!

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