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Winter Wedding Vancouver

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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You don't expect it to snow when planning a wedding in Vancouver, but snow is exactly what happened to Diana and Jason on their wedding day. The ceremony took place in a little Romanian Orthodox church in Surrey. Throughout the entire wedding ceremony, Diana and Jason couldn't stop looking over at each other without breaking out into a huge smile.  After the ceremony, we had planned to stop at a quiet little park in Surrey. When we arrived we were excited to see the location looked like something out of a Disney movie. The reception was held at Heritage Hall in downtown Vancouver, and it had to be one of the most active receptions we've ever captured with live music playing a mix of traditional Romanian songs. Diana and Jason, along with almost every guest took part in all of the traditional dances throughout the entire night. vancouver wedding 02getting ready bride 04vancouver wedding photographer 06vancouver bride 07vancouver romanian wedding 08winter wedding 09vancouver romanian wedding 10winter wedding 11winter wedding 13winter wedding 14vancouver romanian wedding 15winter wedding 16winter wedding 17winter wedding 18first dance wedding 19father daughter dance wedding 20heritage hall wedding 20heritage hall wedding 22heritage hall vancouver 23winter wedding 24winter wedding 25winter wedding 26winter wedding 27heritage hall vancouver 28


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