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Ultimate Guide to Vancouver Wedding Photography (Updated 2022!)

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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We wanted to share some tips we have learned for your Vancouver wedding photography! As wedding photographers of 13+ years, we have experienced a lot of different types of weddings.

When we refer to Vancouver we are also talking about the surrounding cities from Whistler to Hope and everything in between in the Lower Mainland. While we photograph a lot of weddings in the city of Vancouver more than half of our weddings are in the surrounding areas of Vancouver.

We are also available for travel within the rest of British Columbia and select destination weddings.

059 - rain wedding grandville island

What to look for in a Vancouver wedding photographer

When it comes to wedding photography, you have to have the perfect photographer for the job. And with so many photographers out there, it’s hard to choose just one. They’re all beautiful and talented in their own way. So, how do you know which Vancouver wedding photographer is right for you?

One way is to rely on reviews and check their portfolio for how your photos will look. If you’re still not sure, see what other people have to say about them. Check out their full wedding galleries and see how many weddings they have photographed. Then, scroll through their reviews on WeddingWire, Facebook, or Google Reviews. You can usually find a lot of information about a photographer by looking at what their clients had to say about the Vancouver wedding photographer.

Hiring us as your Vancouver wedding photographer will give you the peace of mind that we are the best. With years of experience snapping stellar photographs, trust us to make your big day one to remember.

Check out our reviews!

061 - award winning wedding night photos

Find A wedding photography style that you love

Your photos are the only thing you will have to remember your big day. It’s very important that you book a photographer that reflects your taste in photography style. Check out our wedding photography portfolio!

Bride Portraits with LaceOff-Camera lighting

Weddings almost never have good lighting throughout the day. Finding a wedding photographer that is good at using off-camera lighting can ensure you get more quality images and more amazing moments captured in any weather condition or wedding venue.

Two photographers capturing your event

Time can be a crucial factor during events such as weddings. With two photographers on camera, the photographer is less likely to miss any of the couple’s special moments. You also can get two different styles to really tell the story of your day. Learn more about how we use two wedding photographers for your event!

Photojournalistic approach

You don’t want to be spending your entire day posing for photos. Finding a photographer that can blend into the background will ensure more real moments and reactions are captured in your wedding photos.

Timeless editing

Finding a photographer that can edit your photos in a style you love is very important. It is good to stay away from photographers using the current trend as it can make your photos look outdated when that trend is no longer popular.

Customer service

You want to find a wedding photographer that will get back to your questions. You don’t want to be left worrying if your photographer will show up on your wedding day.

Quality wedding albums and wall art

We think that the wedding album is the greatest way to display the story of your day! Finding a photographer that offers a quality wedding album is very important. Quality can vary so greatly between consumer and professional products. Our lay-flat wedding albums with archival photo paper are one of the most amazing ways to display your photos.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Wedding Photo

Tips on how to get the most out of your Vancouver wedding photography

There is so much to think about and so many decisions to make. But one thing that should be at the top of your list should be how you want to capture this day with photographs. This area will give you some tips on how to get the most out of your Vancouver wedding photography.

Decide what type of wedding – small or large

Deciding how you want to celebrate your wedding day is an exciting process. For many, the choice comes down to a small intimate gathering with family and friends or a large celebratory affair. Both have advantages:

002 - waterfall elopement

Elopement and small weddings

Elopements and small weddings are quickly becoming popular because they offer you the most flexibility for your Vancouver wedding photography. These types of events allow you to customize every aspect of your wedding day. The best part is you don’t have to worry about guests or venues so you can have your wedding anywhere!

When elopements are the photography focus, it means that the overall goal is to get some great photos to commemorate the occasion. There will be fewer photos in total than there would be at a large wedding but they will be all very high quality as the environment is more controlled than a big event. See more full Vancouver elopements!

029 - hotel georigia wedding photo_

Photojournalistic style of a big wedding event

Weddings have been getting bigger and more extravagant. They are no longer just a simple ceremony, but rather they now encompass the whole day with many events, such as getting ready, the ceremony, speeches, dinner, cake cutting, party dancing, etc. Larger weddings follow a set amount of events and you bring lots of family and friends. This makes it hard to capture all that is happening in one photo. The photojournalistic style is perfect for this situation because it captures the feeling of your day. I love going to large events because there are so many things happening and lots of opportunities to capture great shots.

The photojournalistic style of photography is one of the most popular. These types of photos are often taken with little to no direction from the photographer and are candid in nature. The subjects remain unaware that they’re being photographed, allowing them to become very natural and unscripted.

069 - chinese wedding photos

Bringing your own cultures and ideas into your wedding

When looking for a Vancouver wedding photographer it’s really important that you consider if they can accommodate your culture, heritage, and vision for the day. We have photographed hundreds of weddings in our photojournalistic style, so there is a good chance we have photographed an event similar to yours. Popular traditions we have photographed are ChineseIndianCatholic, and Multicultural

Decide on the style of your Vancouver wedding

Choosing the style of your wedding can be difficult. We’ve gathered a list of unique wedding ideas to help you decide what style best suits your personality:

Luxury weddings

A luxury wedding is the kind of wedding that has a lot of extravagances. It often takes place in a hotel or resort and the bride wears an expensive dress and the groom wears a tuxedo, and often a big focus on decor. Check out some popular Luxury wedding venues!

050 - hotel wedding photos

Rustic weddings

Usually in a rustic setting like a barn, venue with wood beams, forest, or mountain. Rustic weddings are a perfect option for the outdoorsy couple. See some of the best rustic wedding venues around Vancouver.

Rustic Wedding in Vancouver

Garden weddings

Gardens are a popular venue choice among wedding photographers, who enjoy capturing the stunning scenery and colours. During your one special day, there’s no doubt that your Vancouver Wedding Photography is going to pop! See some epic garden wedding venues in Vancouver!

Garden Wedding in the Rain

How do you legally get married in British Columbia?

Below is the information you need to look into to get legally married in British Columbia Canada:

Marriage commissioners / Wedding officiants

Marriage commissioners provide wedding couples with secular options for their weddings. Anybody who wants to perform a marriage ceremony in B.C., Canada, has to be registered with the Vital Statistics Agency.

002 - ocean side elopement west vancouver

Marriage Licences

At some point in the months before your wedding, you will need to buy a marriage license. The person who applies for it must show identification, and apply in person. More info can be found here.

Marriage Registration

In British Columbia, the couple getting married and two witnesses are required by law to sign the marriage license after the ceremony has been performed.

Marriage Certificates

The British Columbia Vital Statistics Division provides a marriage certificate, once the person registers their marriage. It usually takes three weeks, on average, to receive your marriage certificate in the mail. You can order your marriage certificate online here.

More information on how to be legally married in British Columbia can be found on the BC government website. 

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How to find your perfect Vancouver wedding photography Location

With so many choices, it’s hard to know where to start. One way to narrow down the list is by looking at a photographer’s website, which will give you an idea of their style and location. You’ll want to find a photographer that has experience shooting weddings in your area or city. We have scouted hundreds of Vancouver wedding photography locations around the Lower Mainland. We recommend the best locations suitable for your wedding. Here are a few tips on how to find the best places for Vancouver wedding photos:

See our list of the best locations for photoshoots in the Lower Mainland!

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What is the best season for Vancouver wedding photography?

With all the seasons Vancouver has, it’s no wonder we’re so popular for weddings. The city has a lot to offer in terms of weather and scenery throughout the year.

Winter wedding photography in Vancouver

Winter weddings in Vancouver are an excellent option. The snow usually stays in the mountains, so you can either have a snowy or a snow-free wedding – whatever you prefer! See our guide to winter weddings! 

019 - adventure elopement british columbia

Bonus: Check out the best helicopter wedding tours

Spring wedding photography

Cherry blossom blooms and lush green trees down low and snow on the mountains make spring the perfect time for your photography in Vancouver. Skies are usually exceptionally clean and smoke-free.

058 - cherry blossom engagement

Fall Vancouver wedding photography

In Vancouver, Canada there is only a short window of time when you can get fall colours for wedding photos. You may also be able to take photos in the rain and capture our vibe here in the PNW. See some fall photos!

2 fall wedding vancouver

Summer wedding photos

Summer in Vancouver is beautiful. Take some time out of your day to enjoy the many beaches and parks here, perfect for some beautiful Vancouver wedding photography.

005 - creative sunset elopement

What is the best time of day for Vancouver wedding photography?

When photographing a full event, it’s always great to get photos of the end of your makeup and dress being put on until the dance party. It’s always fun photos getting people ripping it up on the dance floor.

What you want to be captured for your Vancouver wedding photography is up to what you find important. If you want a ceremony and some portrait photos at an amazing location that is up to you! Shorter amounts of coverage could leave your budget more open for some amazing wall art and wedding albums.

Each wedding photography location has a different best time of day for wedding photos. We can make recommendations on what location is the best time of day based on how the natural light might look. The general rule of thumb is to have the sun at the lowest point and to your back. Sunrise and sunset usually have the best light. Night photos are also always amazing to get!

Check out our wedding timeline tips for a detailed blog post!

Wedding Moment: Groomsmen Sing Bohemian Rhapsody

Consider a first look before the wedding ceremony

As you are getting ready for your wedding ceremony, take a moment to consider taking a first look before you walk down the aisle. This may seem like an unorthodox idea, but there are many benefits to doing this. One of the biggest benefits is that it will allow you and your partner to see each other before walking down the aisle and will help reduce the anxiety some people have about not seeing one another until the ceremony. This might also free up your timeline to go to unique locations for your Vancouver wedding photography.

The most epic wedding first look ever!

How to light your wedding event

Accent lights can really add to your Vancouver wedding photography. Using string lights, uplighting, candles, and fairy lights all can help make your photos extra special. Your wedding planner or DJ can usually set this up for you. Check out our entire blog post for how to light your event.

049 - reception wedding photos

The best way to display your wedding photos

The best way to showcase your Vancouver wedding photography is with professionally printed, lay flat wedding albums as well as our amazing wall art such as metal prints and canvases. When using our archival photo paper you get the best clarity and sharpness for your wedding photos. This custom art will become heirloom art pieces that will be passed down through generations.


Meet your Vancouver Wedding Photographers – Pursell Photography

Pursell Photography is an award-winning team of wedding photographers based in Vancouver, Canada. Their services include photojournalistic and candid photography, as well as traditional posed images. You can find their work in several publications such as CosmoTodayFstoppersWedluxe Huffington Post, and more. Get in touch to book your Vancouver wedding photography!



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