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Vancouver Restaurant Wedding

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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A Morning of Anticipation at Pacific Rim Hotel

The day began at the majestic Pacific Rim Hotel, a perfect prelude to Julie and Shaun’s intimate wedding. Imagine the excitement as Julie prepared for her big day, the air buzzing with anticipation. Our role at Pursell Photography was to capture these moments – the smiles, the nerves, the intricate details of her dress. Shaun’s wait in the lobby for the first look was a scene straight out of a romantic film, filled with eager anticipation.

First Look in Coal Harbour: A Moment of Magic

Coal Harbour’s picturesque setting was the backdrop for the couple’s first look. Vancouver’s urban charm shone brightly under a cloudless sky, the sun casting a warm glow over the city. Our photography thrived in these conditions, playing with light and shadow to create dramatic, gallery-quality images. These moments are not just about the setting, but about capturing the love between Julie and Shaun.

Portrait Session: Capturing Love in Urban Vancouver

Our stroll through downtown Vancouver for the portrait session was nothing short of magical. The vibrant colours and cool shadows of the city offered a canvas for unique and memorable photographs. As specialists in wedding, elopement, and portrait photography, we at Pursell Photography leveraged our off-camera lighting skills to enhance the urban beauty around us, ensuring each photo was a masterpiece.

A Heartwarming First Look: Julie and Her Daughter

One of the most touching moments of the day was Julie’s first look at her daughter. It was a tender, intimate moment, filled with love and joy. Capturing these genuine emotions is what we strive for, creating a photojournalistic narrative of the day that goes beyond traditional wedding photography.

Brix Restaurant: A Celebration of Love and Laughter

The wedding and reception at Brix Restaurant (1) were a true reflection of Julie and Shaun’s personalities. The atmosphere was electric, filled with constant laughter, heartfelt moments, and a unique video created by Shaun, drawing a charming parallel between their love story and the iconic film, Top Gun. As photographers, we were there to capture every laugh, every tear, and every dance, immortalizing the essence of their celebration.

Dancing the Night Away: A Perfect Conclusion

The evening culminated with live music and dancing, a testament to the couple’s joy and the celebratory spirit of their loved ones. Our aim was not just to photograph these moments but to capture the spirit of the celebration, the unbridled joy, and the love that filled the room.

Julie and Shaun’s wedding was not just a series of events; it was a story of love, family, and celebration, set against the backdrop of beautiful Vancouver. At Pursell Photography, we were honored to capture this story, using our expertise in off-camera lighting and photojournalistic style to create lasting memories for the couple. Whether it’s a wedding at the iconic Brix Restaurant or a portrait session amidst the urban landscape of Vancouver, we are committed to creating gallery-quality art that tells your unique story.


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