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Vancouver / Fraser Valley Suspension Bridge Engagement Photos

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Photographing A+J’s Vancouver / Fraser Valley suspension bridge engagement photos was an amazing experience! We are pretty stoked so many of our couples are choosing to have more of an adventure style engagement at some unique locations outside of the city!

Forest Engagement Photos

Getting into the trees is always an amazing way to start a portrait session. The light is always good in a forest and the lines from the trees look amazing. Being on the west coast we love the mossy green of the trees and ferns.

Suspension Bridge Photos Near Vancouver

If you have ever been to the suspension bridges in North Vancouver, you know it’s a nightmare to get photos without tourists in it. After hiking this location, we knew it would be amazing for an engagement session. Luckily, we had about a 40 minute window where we were the only people in the park! We always recommend less busy locations for portrait photos because it feels much more intimate.

Waterfall Engagement Photos Near Vancouver

We managed to get some pretty epic waterfall views as well. There is something about waterfalls and engagement photos that just works. It’s a really cool perspective to be on the bridge in the middle of the canyon overlooking the waterfall!

Adventure Session

It would not be an adventure session without a bit of a hike, and while short, we definitely worked up a sweat to get to this spot. We totally love this type of thing as we were climbing on tress, balancing on rocks and handrails to get the shot!

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