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Vancouver Boat Wedding Photos on Magic Yacht Charters

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

Quality Photography Experience That Is Different.

Taking wedding photos on a boat is an interesting experience. A forever changing landscape and lighting make for its own fun and unique challenges as well as rewards.

Variety of backdrops on the water

You always get a different background as well as access to scenery you would never see otherwise. A+R chose the Magic Yacht Charters for their Vancouver boat wedding. We had a interesting and fun route planned: setting sail in Coal Harbour – to the entrance to the Indian Arm, then back to English Bay for the fireworks. There were city views, mountain views, water views, sunset and night photos all within a short period.

Always changing light

The landscape always changing also meant that the light would always change. That works pretty great for how we like to shoot since we love to play with light! The best part about using light the way we do is you can focus on moments rather then what the natural light is doing.

Wedding photos at The Orpheum

Creative portraits were taken before the wedding ceremony and reception. A+R wanted portraits in a unique indoor location with cool architectural elements, so we recommended the Orpheum in downtown Vancouver. It is pretty surreal to have such a large breathtaking space to yourselves. We tried to use every nook and cranny we could find. We used our lighting to really focus on the couple while keeping the dark and interesting atmosphere of the Orpheum.

Outdoor ceremony Vancouver boat wedding photos

A+R had their outdoor ceremony on the boat. It was a perfectly blue sunny day in Vancouver! They had a small intimate wedding with just their closest friends and family. We were happy to run into some of our past clients which we photographed the year before! After the ceremony, they went right into the reception. Guests from out of town were in awe of the ever changing Vancouver landscape.

Stunning sunset photos in Vancouver Harbour

The couple candidly ended up at the front of the boat right at sunset as we managed to get the perfect timing for some sunset portraits. As night started creeping A+R had their first dance just as we were entering back into downtown area. Night crept up quickly as Vancouver prepared for the festival of lights!

Festival of light on a boat!

That was our first time seeing the fireworks from a boat! While we don’t go watch them every year – Our first year moving to Vancouver Lauren was working for a marketing company that did all the promotion for the event. We ended getting the best seats on the beach in a VIP lounge. I would have to say I prefer watching the fireworks from the Boat! What do you think. Would you have your wedding on a boat?  


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